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Just Been Sick, Not Giving Up

March 8th, 2006 at 04:49 pm

A few postless days were due to illness, not a spending spree.

Someone posted on the $5:15 challenge forum that they already meet the challenge, so we know it can be done. Its giving up all the extras that those of us with more income will have trouble with. Or, paying for convenience, because we can.

I haven't spent anything (though I may owe my boyfriend for some yams). So I'm still doing good, with 402.25 spent. However, I know I won't have any AAA or Car reg fees, so I have to save that for next month. I will definitely spend on my health insurance.

My boyfriend asked, "how long do you have to do this?" I hadn't even thought of a date. I figure at least three months (and accounting for savings for items I won't have on those 3 months, like biannual auto insurance), but I'd like to do it thtough the year. Even if I slip, or go travelling, at least I will have nipped an awful lot. So I am planning three months absolute minimum.

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