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Day nine and still fine.

March 9th, 2006 at 06:04 pm

No more actual spending to report. I did make plans to take a newly transferred co-worker out to lunch-before I wouldn’t have even thought for a second, but now, I realized, “Shoot! Even with Linda paying half, this will still cost me $4-5 dollars out of my entertainment budget!” It doesn’t happen until the 29th, so I won’t count it until it’s spent.

I will have to fill up my gas tank soon. A tank is about $25 –it will last more than a month, but will still be a hit.

Every penny on my mind, can you tell?

I’ve gotten tighter with my electric. I still think old wiring accounts for the fact that our usage is twice what our appliances account for (see old posts for rants and facts) but I’ve become much more vigilant about turning off lights. Even if I only save a couple bucks, those bucks are real!

We have some recycling to do-I think I will allow the proceeds to be a part of my budget. If anyone objects or thinks it’s violating the spirit of the rules, I won’t. A lot of my recycling I bring home from work (no formal recycling plan) so it isn’t even from soda I’d buy. Plus, I already planned on allowing club soda and seltzer under my new rules, so I’d still have those bottles and cans.

I have some books to take in to try for trade-they aren’t worth much at all on half.com, but they are in good shape. I want to turn them in for trade, to use as good gifts later on. Normally I might just get rid of the books, or, use the trade money for myself.

Last year I spent an average of $1546.42 a month. I just put my net check into Quicken, and don’t count union dues, PERS Pension, 457 deferred compensation plan, or health insurance. If I count my insurance that would be an additional $43.70 a month for a total of $1590.12. So, for every month I successfully do this, I will have “saved” $553.12 ($1590.12 less $1037). If I do it for three months, that’s $1659.36-not enough for me. I’d like to have the whole “turn $20 into $5000” thing happen, so that means doing it for the rest of the year. That’d be $5531.20 saved. So, I can do this for the year, and still blow $500, and meet the challenge.

3 Responses to “Day nine and still fine.”

  1. spendless Says:

    Stick with it L. R.
    You are doing great, and you have a plan. Just work the plan.
    Good luck.

  2. kristina moffitt Says:

    I grew up with recycling for extra money, and that was not money for entertainment but money for eating. I saw count it, it is earned income.

  3. Lenny Says:

    just my humble opinion...if you feel too deprived too quick ... you're not going to make it ... you still have to live ... count every penny coming in and going out of your life ... but if you feel like a martyr it'll bite you ... easy steps ... your changing lifestyle habits that have been with you a long time ... little steps ... been where you are ... it's not easy, but if it were ... everybody would be doing it.

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