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A Grocery Run

March 11th, 2006 at 03:52 pm

My boyfriend went on a grocery run. We had a long list of staples to refill, so I though it might be high, but it was $64 total. $32 each. We have always done a lot of bulk and staple, but it was just a nice surprise that a "big" grocery run could be that small. Flour, sunflower seeds, dry powdered milk, bulghur, eggs, potatoes, things like this. Our grocery bill has always been pretty decent; it's the dining out that can get us. I even got some club soda.

I made jam today, two batches, with some plum puree I've had in the freezer. (The low sugar Sure Jel takes 6-1/2 cups cooked plums, and our peanut butter tubs actually are exactly 6-1/2 cups. It's kinda neat.) Even before the challenge, I was working on emptying the freeezer and cupboards. The goal was threefold: use up stuff that has been sitting a while (asian sauces gotten as gifts, etc.), be more creative with homecooking, and create space for "convenience" meals-casseroles, etc. put in tubs for later.

The jam took me about an hour-I remember when I first started it was an all day project. I need to remember that certain things I'm intimidated by will be the same way, such as baking bread, or painting rooms, or refnishing furniture.

1 Responses to “A Grocery Run”

  1. contrary1 Says:

    Isn't homemade jam the best? I remember when I moved out of my parents home after high school...........I found out stores sold jam! I was totally shocked, I thought everyone made their own jam. To this day, I haven't bought any!
    I need to do a jelly production day here..........I canned juice instead of making jelly last summer. This would be a great time to turn it into jelly.
    Thanks for the inspiration!

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