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Zdravo! (A Croatian hello)

March 12th, 2006 at 01:29 pm

Iím going to Croatia in September.

I have already stated that if given the opportunity to travel, I wonít pass it up. A friend, who is super savvy about online deals, found us a $412 round trip flight to Europe. Iíll be going for two weeks.

Spending on travel has never been something Iíve regretted. I get so much out of traveling; I know itís a worthwhile expenditure. I also travel pretty cheap-Iím not into hostels, but I am into renting apartments. The more people travel together, the cheaper it can be. Also, research counts, and the Net makes searching open to everyone. Last year I stayed in a very nice Belgian B&B for $17 U.S. a night, as 4 of use shared one ďsuiteĒ-one adult bed, and in a separate room two ďkidĒ beds. The bathtub was superb-super long and deep-I am an aficionado. The B&B was in an old beautiful Belgian home, very quaint. The breakfasts were excellent.

I will still plan on living on minimum wage in all other aspects other than the Croatia trip. I will keep a separate log of every travel expense, down to the travel books Iíll buy (used), to see how much a two week Europe trip can cost if down on a budget.

Croatia is supposed to have amazing beaches. We may also visit Serbia. It will be incredible!

4 Responses to “Zdravo! (A Croatian hello)”

  1. contrary1 Says:

    I'm jealous! Can I travel vicariously with you?? You're right, it is the one expense to never pass up, in my opinion.

  2. jodi_m Says:

    Saving on other aspects = more money to spend on what brings you happiness. Travel has always been high on our list too! Have a wonderful time Smile

  3. Susan Says:

    would like to see the travel logSmile please tell if you like the place you stay at in Croatia
    want to learn Croatian too

  4. kristina moffitt Says:

    Croatia and serbia have some wonderful places! the beaches are incredible and in Sept you will have excellent weather. Don't be surprised if it rains a little every afternoon but it helps to cool things off and is just a beautiful country. Where will you be staying?

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