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Activity and Incidents to Report

April 6th, 2006 at 07:34 pm

Spending: $20 co-pay for a doctor visits, and $17.32 for 3 months worth of two medications: $37.32 already for the month. Plus, another $20 co-pay will come in a week, for a follow up visit. I don’t think getting rid of a “bad” mole is a luxury, but for many people, medical care is a luxury. I’m hoping no visits in May, but I do have another prescription that will need to be filled then. On the plus side, the $80 “missed appointment” bill I thought I might get doesn’t seem to be coming. Knock on wood.

Other spending: a big grocery stock up, my share a whopping $27.37. Good grocery news: My Guy was very pleasantly surprised by how low our grocery bill is, and has taken pride and ownership in it. He made a cheapskate’s Comfort Food Delight last night: can of condensed soup, and a lot of rice. Mix and eat. Not the healthiest, but filling, and not too unhealthy. If we went brown rice we’d be better off.

I’ll count my health insurance as paid and due; I haven’t had paychecks yet, but I know the deduction will be the same; I get warnings of increases ahead of time, in writing. So, $43.70 there.

Rent paid on the 1st, $400. $508.39 spent for the month.

Now, our DVD player broke. Old me? Let’s buy one. But I’m on my challenge, and My Guy is trying to make his unpaid time off last as long as possible, so he doesn’t want to dip in reserves. He’s very computer inclined, so, our plan of action: move his computer DVD player into the living room, even though it’s a computer one in a tower, for now. Price the parts to build a new one. The bonus will be: if he “builds” the DVD player, it will act like a TiVO, with record capabilities. If that doesn’t work, just keep using his in the living room. He’d have to use the network to my computer to access things on DVD. But it will be cheaper. Meanwhile, I will keep on the look out for crazy cheap DVD players.

I’ve been hanging laundry on our wooden rack. Not the best-takes a long time to dry. The weather is getting better; hanging on the line will be an option soon.

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