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Goals: New Habits

April 9th, 2006 at 12:21 pm

In other blogs I see people writing down very specific goals. Iíve always heard that writing down goals makes it more likely to achieve them, and I love how concrete they can be, i.e. instead of Save Money or Lose Weight, itís "walk to work 5 times," or "Pay off $300 this month in debt." So Iím going to have some belated April Goals, and see if that acts to help me. Iíll have some ďone timeĒ goals, but I want to use this idea to help me develop new habits, as per 4/7 post.

Donít get me wrong, Iím still doing the Credible Threat, punitive and unrewarding as some perceive it. I am using the ideal of modest achievable goals to motivate me and help me avoid the Credible Threat Punishment.

I have been sick a LOT lately; either stomach crud or migraines or whatever. I always get sick easily, for no good reason: I used to think it was being a smoker and drinker, but I havenít done either in many years, so thereís really no excuse. So my two main set of goals will be money and health related.

*April Health*
Walk to work once a week. (I have drive the nights with water aerobics, and we still have some rain-will ramp this up.)

Eat breakfast daily (6 days a week will count to goal).

In bed every night at 10 with no TV after 10. (Friday and Sturday bed at 11.)

This is a small list, but I want these to become habits. I have a bunch I can stockpile for later. I donít want to be too ambitious.

*April Money*
Make appointment to get pre-qualified on a home loan

Make the Challenge.

*Future Goals:*
Reduce amount of bread/white rice/potatoes eaten: not sure how to quantify this one yet.
Reduce amount of cheese and peanut butter eaten. (Good protein but I eat way too much.)
Reduce bad TV watching. (Possibly make a limit of hours per week, or add no ďnewĒ shows unless I give up an ďoldĒ show?)
Take vitamins and meds daily.
Figure out what investment steps I should take with my money: increase deferred comp, increase my IRA, or what? Not sure how to make these one a discrete concrete goal yet.
Find a place in house to hang a laundry line.

1 Responses to “Goals: New Habits”

  1. markio26 Says:

    good goals... we use extension rods in two of our bathrooms, and laundry room to hang clothes... tops, shirts, jackets, etc... get put on a hanger and i hang them all over the house.... it puts moisture back into the air in the room... pants i hang on the on the bathroom towel racks over the heater.. they take a while to dry... sheets, quilts, throws, etc.. we simply lay over a chair or sofa and they dry quickly... small stuff like towels, wash clothes, underwear, we use 2 wooden clothes racks, we bought a kmart.. works well.

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