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Pump It Up

April 10th, 2006 at 07:17 pm

This site pumps me up but good. Great energy. So many people are facing daily and major problems with wit, grace, and humor. Pumpity pumpity pump. Catch that fever.

My (Modified) Minimum Wage Challenge is on track. No spending to report. Not spending is starting to become a habit. I’m also getting used to not eating out much, which may relate to …

The Credible Threat Challenge: I’m making progress. I don’t want to name a number, because day to day things vary, but I’m in the right direction.

My health is better today, I was at work all day, so some guilt is going away; I have issues with how many health issues I have. It felt like a productive day: putting away hung laundry, eating a healthy meal for the third meal in a row, feeling like if I chip away and keep moving in the right directions that I can achieve any goal.

I’ll pay all the bills in a few days. Our phone bill has a bogus charge from a company for a “voice mail box.” It’s funny, when I called to say “Hey you nuggets we ordered no such thing” I got a “voicemail full” response. So the regular phone company is pulling it off the bill and notifying Bogus Company that there was a refusal to pay. I will keep trying to reach them, to give them heck. Some people probably don’t notice and pay those thieves. No other bills are due though and I like to pay them all at once.

1 Responses to “Pump It Up”

  1. markio26 Says:

    phone companies are in complete confusion now adays.... my friend has been demoted and her pay decreased alot, after 32 yrs. there as a supervisor.. she is lucky she didn't get shown the door... downsizing you know... anyway, i know what you mean when someone scams you like that.
    it is very important to have several ways to earn money, not just your primary job and always save for a rainy day.
    even better is to own a rental and have a small business too.

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