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So Excited to Pay for Prescriptions!

April 11th, 2006 at 08:01 pm

My budget has taken a blow, from medical expenses. I almost got angry, and then realized that I better be d___ed grateful I have insurance. What if I didn’t? I wouldn’t be getting treated, or I may be choosing not to take my medicine. That would be worse. A lot of people have no insurance, and people are suffering right this minute. Has anyone mentioned lately that the healthcare system is broken? Oh, it’s on the news every five minutes? But not fixed yet, huh?

I had $62 budgeted per month, the average last year of my co-pays, prescriptions, etc. Last month I was over by $3-I thought OK, fluke, it will even out. No this month I am at $107.32. Just relatively minor issues (later I’ll read that “minor” and grimace) but it added up. I think next month will be better: hoping no doctor’s visit co-pays, and small medicine co-pays.

The Challenge remains intact; I’ll try to cut other areas. I have $39 in “savings” plus $72.38 held over from March, to pay larger later bills, such as insurance in July. I will aim to not dip into either of these, but at least they are there.

So, little things perk me up in the face of the above adversity. I am tickled by drain strainers.

We had no drain strainer in the bathtub for years, and a funky, non-fitting, just yucky one in the kitchen. I don’t usually go to hardware stores, and what I saw idly in Grocery or Home stores seemed overpriced and like it wouldn’t fit. (Old, old house.) When I visited my folks in January, they had an unused pack of 2 strainers, wire mesh. The large one works perfect in the kitchen sink, and the small one fits perfectly in the bathtub. No more worries about clogs. I am still enjoying that “gift”!

4 Responses to “So Excited to Pay for Prescriptions!”

  1. KarenSue Says:

    It's funny how the little things make us so happy (your drain strainer). It's so satisfying to fix a problem that's been bothering you for a long time - yay!

  2. katwoman Says:

    In case you need a strainer...don't forget your dollar stores! You'll pay a premium for them at the grocery or hardware stores but NEVER more than a buck at the dollar store.

  3. Angela, MotherCrone Says:

    A great tip about saving for prescriptions, for those without coverage, is to use the discounts available to them through their AAA Auto plan. That plan costs about $60-$80, offering towing, road-side assistance, maps; important assurances for those of us who travel often.

    But many people do not know that their same card provides group discounts for many drugs. Many pharmacies are not even aware of it...but ask them to call and get the codes...it is national done. (I worked as a pharm tech for years)

    My huband's generic Rx dropped from $38 a month, to $12. That is a huge yearly savings! Just wanted to pass it along!!!

  4. markio26 Says:

    wow! thanks for the aaa prescription discount tip.. i had forgotten about it.. i guess aarp has a good vison discount too... i love finally finding a solution to something that has been bothering me, so much and for free or as a gift.. how sweet it is.

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