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Making Magnets, Drinking Cocoa: Oh Yeah!

April 15th, 2006 at 02:15 pm

Today is a wonderful, stay at home rainy day. Iíve got the water on to boil, Iíll make homemade cocoa, or maybe some fancy mocha mix my friends got as a gift, didnít like, and passed on. (I accept re-gifts very happily.) I made some muffins; apple vanilla oatmeal, made low fat and low sugar, but the taste rocks. Breakfast was potato, zucchini, egg pie-an easy version of a frittata. The house is tidy; some clothing is hanging in the house to dry. I have a bunch of TV recorded form the week, and Iím gonna curl up and watch some mindless entertainment and not feel guilty. (I have only 10 channels, so through the week I tape even ďokayĒ stuff knowing that come the weekend, TV seems to be all sport on the channels I get- golf, NASCAR, ice skating.)

My Guy is making another birthday present. We bought a used book last month (my share $7.10), we got a couple of fancy beers (I had a gift certificate for a liquor store-donít ask. Or, you can ask, but itís boring.) Our friendís favorite band is Steely Dan, so we are doing the same thing we did for his wife last month; melding two pictures together: we have Our Friend in the middle of a lineup looking like a band member.

For anyone with a printer, I recommend this idea for gifts: making magnets. I had a ton of flat square and rectangle magnets; given out or mailed as promotional items. For example Synovate the survey folks, Pizza joints, things like that. Print something you like. Even if you donít have color printer or donít have photographic paper, you can write and print your favorite saying or poem. Or take a regular photograph and put it on the magnet. Cut to size, glue, and youíre done.

Iíve got a little clip of A World War II poster-ďFood is a Weapon-Donít Waste It! Buy wisely, cook carefully, eat it all.Ē I am going to make a little magnet for myself. Why pay for one, or advertise Papa Murphyís on my fridge, when I can float my own boat for the cost of a glue stick and paper?

2 Responses to “Making Magnets, Drinking Cocoa: Oh Yeah!”

  1. KarenSue Says:

    What a cool idea! I'm off to make some magnets...

  2. markio26 Says:

    great brainstorming and fun projects to do.

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