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Not Spending is Not Exciting

April 17th, 2006 at 08:09 pm

I'm into the groove of not spending much, and staying within my minimum wage budget without strain. I'm able to save over half my income this way, and I suppose that's exciting, but I can't tell a fascinating "I didn't go to the mall" story. However, my increased frugality has become a habit.

We've done 2 birthdays with low expenditure and high return, by being extra thoughful and taking time. We've starting cooking more, both grains and beans and other simple stuff at home, and nicer stuff to take to friends' houses. We cut out electric bill over 50%. When we go out to eat we savor the experience. We line dry regardless of the weather, after doing a second spin. We come up with non-spend solutions before solutions thet require an expenditure.

I had always felt in control overall of my spending and knew I lived below my means, but I have felt very good about living so far below my means. It's like I'm adding all sorts of tools to my toolkit, so that if anything bad should happen as far as income, I have a security blanket of knowing I can make do and be satisfied.

I knew my challenge was to live on minimum wage; I didn't realize an extra bonus would be to have an increased sense of gratitude for all that I have.

Okay, that was a little hokey, but, today it's true.

9 Responses to “Not Spending is Not Exciting”

  1. Amber Says:

    I am really happy for you. I know what you mean when you say "my increased frugality has become a habit." It is a wonderful feeling. I use to go to the mall and spend pretty much every dime I had and then return what I did not really need or want just to put gas in my car or food on the table. Now that I am changing my bad habits I hate when I spend money on anything that is not necessary, and yes you are right it becomes a habit ( a good one)
    Keep up the good work Smile

  2. contrary1 Says:

    Not hokey at all. Gratitude, however it happens is a good thing.

    Keep the posts coming about your min. wage challenge.....I'm enjoying watching from afar!

  3. carol Says:

    Congratulations! It sounds to me as if you are doing yourself some big favors. Keep it up.

  4. scottish girl Says:


  5. Thrifty Ray Says:

    Hokey...not at all...

    I find that in place of the "how I spent a fabulous day at the mall" stories...I now post "I walked all afternoon with my GS and looked at flowers and squirrels and airplanes that passed over us"....or "this afternoon I spent time visiting with/ cooking for my mom who just had surgery" "watched the snowstorm" "saw the sunset"

    There are still fabulous days...just a different kind of fabulous...

  6. markio26 Says:

    thanks for the interesting posts... i used to have a renter who used my mini farm in ky for his own private sanctuary... he hunted, fished, cut trees and built all sorts of things, and i think his only income was army retirement... but, you remind me of him telling me, he canned and froze everything from the lovely dark soil garden on my land.. he was a kind soul.. he passed away a while back, but, really enjoyed everyday. he even knew the birds, squirrels, etc.. he fed them.. he also, hunted rabbits, etc... he watched bugs and learned all about them from the library...

  7. baselle Says:

    When you consider the alternative - going broke in the pursuit of the novel and the cool - hokey isn't bad.

  8. PrincessPerky Says:

    I have the hokey problem, and it is awesome to see form anyone else!

  9. PrincessPerky Says:

    from! from not form! I am terrible about that! sorry.

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