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I preferred the thrift store

April 21st, 2006 at 12:29 pm

I got back from Sacramento fine on Wednesday night. I was more thrilled with a thrift store run than being able to eat out-a surprise to me, but no unpleasant. Perhaps part of my mind is really seeing that longer term purchases such as clothes are better than short term ones such as eating out. I had a huge spree for $13.75 Ė three shirts, a couple a little nicer than usual because Iíd like to bump up my work appearance without being uncomfortable. A pair of flannel jammie bottoms, a muffin tin, bread loaf tin, and a pastry brush. The Deseret Industries thrift store is just beautiful-so organized and huge selection. Items are organized by type-short sleeve blouses, long sleeve blouses, then by size, then by color. With such a huge selection of quality clothes, I donít mind the prices being a little higher- $4 is not super cheap, but for a very nice work blouse itís not extravagant.

Migraine today, but still wonít be a no spend today-my medical line in the budget is gonna take another big prescription hit. Iím not thrilled about it, but itís not an extravagant expense.

2 Responses to “I preferred the thrift store”

  1. markio26 Says:

    sounds like you really enjoyed yourself at the thrift shop... my grandma used to take me when i was a lil girl... she really enjoyed herself getting bargains too... congrats on saving money also.

  2. DivaJen Says:

    Another migraineur - seems you, me and kashi are all dealing with them this week. I had to refill two prescriptions yesterday.

    Hope you are feeling better soon.

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