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Garage Saling

May 14th, 2006 at 01:02 pm

Yesterday I spent $2.80 at garage sales for 12 items, at an average of 24 cents an item.

What I got:

a small frame

Tupperware thingy perfect for spaghetti

four gifts - Jeff Gordon ponchos stuff for two NASCAR fan friends, a porcelain lemon for a collector of fruit things, and a wool sweater in excellent shape

A very nice high quality childís sweater that I will give to some grandparent or parent at work (I stuck it in the bag of clothes for a dollar bag)

Clothing for me: one piece footy jammies (these things sell new at $35!), a sweater, a nice blouse, and a pair of slacks

A shirt for My Guy

I spent perhaps two hours at the sales, and Iíd say used no more than half a gallon of gas maximum.

I canít recommend garage sales enough. Iíve heard various arguments against it, but I feel they have their place. ďItís too easy to buy things you donít need.Ē If someone has trouble scooping everything up I understand that. But if you avoid garage sales for this reason, you miss the items that you do need. Iíve been wanting a crock pot with a lift out crock for quite a bit. I was able to get a very nice one last week for $3. Iíd have missed it if I hadnít gone to the sales.

One thing that I plan to use sales for this year is gift shopping. Iíve gone to thrift stores and garage sales with a different mindset: if I see something a friend would really like, I buy it, then stick it in a gift box until a birthday or Christmas comes along. Iíve gotten nine gifts for $4.90 so far, an average of 55 cents apiece. Since I didnít have to pick out a gift, what I have selected has been very spot on-I feel confident that most of these gifts will please the recipient.

Now, you wonít always get lucky, but sometimes you hit the jackpot. One year I was getting cases of 24 canning jars for a buck. Iíve been looking for footie jammies for years, and now I own them for a quarter. I also saw other peopleís jackpots waiting: at this one sale, there was a large quantity of beautiful large sized womenís clothing. A woman who wore a 2X to a 4X would have had an excellent selection of high quality clothing that looked very well taken care of, at excellent prices. Even though I didnít need any of those items, there was part of me that was excited for a woman to come along and see that smorgasbord!

One last thing about garage sales: they give me an appropriate sense of sticker shock when I am at regular stores.

4 Responses to “Garage Saling”

  1. Single guy Says:

    You're right, a yard-saler needs to know when *not* to buy something. I still overbuy on occassion, but thankfully its pretty rare now. The hardest is when you are not sure you can use something (something a friend mentioned perhaps?), then you hate to leave a good buy behind.

    While I have had good luck at times, my best last year was a woman who was selling tools at excellent prices. I even ended up getting a large drill press for my father who paid for it and extra for the effort of getting it to him. Not shabby.

  2. baselle Says:

    Sometimes its fun to go into a regular store just so you know what's going to appear in the yard sales 2-3 yrs from now. Smile

  3. contrary1 Says:

    The only thing that beats garage sales here is Freecycle. Can't top FREE. I have my fingers crossed on 5 rolls of new chicken wire ....hoping I get to be THE ONE. My coop is framed up, just needs the wire now. Free would be very good!

    Love the gift cupboard idea. I have had one for years, mostly for when I had a bunch of younger kids that were being invited to multiple parties. I hated to take my bunch shopping, it was always awful.....so, they got to pick from the items in my cupboard. Oh, so easy.

  4. boomeyers Says:

    If I buy something I regret later, I just sell it in my sale! (Usually for more!) I got some great shirts this week for me too! I have'nt been so lucky at gifts, but my daughter got me a frame (I did'nt even see her buy it!) and put a picture of our family in it and gave it to me for mothers day! I love it and it is even better that she only spent .25!

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