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Minimum Wage Challenge Mid Month Update

May 14th, 2006 at 04:26 pm

I got the medical bills I was expecting; the lab and pathological review bills for my ďbadĒ mole removal. A mighty hit: $126.94 total. In fact, for the $75.15 bill, I sent two checks-one for $35.15 is dated June 1, so Iíve already spent some June money!

Itís funny to me that I've been hit in areas that I have less control over, and that in other areas where I do have more control, such as entertainment or groceries, I've been okay. Iíve had less trouble than I expected curbing my temptations. (Aside from that ridiculous $17.93 purchase of 4 cups that sure taught me a lesson.)

For details of why the beginning budget does not start at $1073, or why the balance is greater that the budget less spent, see prior budget update posts. Essentially, itís lower than $1073 to compensate for any category I overspent last month, and the balance is larger for money Iíve banked. For example, I budget car insurance every month but pay it twice a year.

If worse comes to worse, I do have the $39 in savings for each month, $117, for emergencies, but I really would rather not touch it. As it is Iím only saving three and a half percent of my net income.

If anyone ever has any questions about what the expenditures were in detail, Iíd be happy to explain any of them. The oddballs I can think of right off the bat: ďMisc.Ē In April I subscribed to Kiplingerís Personal Finance Magazine, to learn some investing basics, and that $3.59 didnít seem to exactly fit in to household or entertainment. And in May, I mailed something for $9.84, but it wasnít exactly a gift, so I called that miscellaneous.

I thought April was a tough month, but I think May might even be tougher. Since my car has been fixed up, and my health seems to be going well, Iím really hoping that June and July donít have those hits, where more than 25% of my budget gets spent in the categories of health and auto service.

1 Responses to “Minimum Wage Challenge Mid Month Update”

  1. boomeyers Says:

    I can't believe how balanced everything still seems to be working out! And you have the savings for a reason and it looks like you are being very careful. Great job!

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