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A Bath Will Solve This

June 1st, 2006 at 07:51 pm

I felt like Taylor Hicks, doing the full three months of spending less than half my net, and I'm dancing around on top of the world, and I got only one (cherished) kudos. I guess need more validation than I thought. My savings account is full, but clearly I have issues than money can not solve. It's funny, I'm a grown woman but sometimes I'm just like a little kid.

I love the recumbent bike. I earned 9 miles of cruddy TV tonight.

And I'm weaning myself off of club soda. I miss the bubbles, but I'm hanging on.

3 Responses to “A Bath Will Solve This”

  1. contrary1 Says:

    What DOES 9 miles of TV translate to? Smile I think I'm almost willing to walk 9 miles instead of watch TV these days. Just isn't much that is worth my time anymore.

  2. Bookie Says:

    Hey! I'm checking every day, even a couple of times a day, so I won't miss one of your updates.

    Aside from the challenge of living on minimum wage (which is a great big deal), your postings get down to a level of detail that I really relish. You write very well, and you come across as real in what you write.

    Congratulations on three months of achievement. And hang in there. I'm waiting for the next installment.

  3. lrjohnson Says:

    Contarry-Nince miles equated to to recorded shows, so I could fast forward over commercials. I am a suck for bad TV. I have "limited" Cable, so I only get so much junk. When I was watching a show I didn't like just because nothing else was on, I realized I had an issue. I'm sticking with good storyline shows, like Lost, and stopping any seasononal shows, like Survivor. I'm not going cold turkey, but I am using the end of season to curtail my viewing.

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