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Reality Check

June 1st, 2006 at 08:44 pm

Iím not sentimental, yet Garrison Keillor made tears rolls down my cheeks, with a simple prayer.

Iíve read Lake Wobegon Days numerous times and always love it. I just now picked up Leaving Home, a Collection of Lake Wobegon Stories. The stories are funny and poignant. You may have heard some of the stories on the radio show A Prairie Home Companion. I see Keillorís books all the time at yard sales and library sales.

At the end of the first tale, a man lies in bed and thinks, ďThank you, God, for this good life and forgive us if we do not love it enough.Ē

I need to print that for myself, for when I forget to be grateful.

2 Responses to “Reality Check”

  1. contrary1 Says:

    Love Keillor's books. I started listening to the radio broadcasts when I worked at a nursing home.... It was a great activity for the residents & sure did start discussions.

    Always made me wish to have been born several decades earlier. Simpler times appeal to me.

  2. Jane Says:

    I am in total awe of your success with the first three months of the minimum wage challenge - that you've made it this far without any "frugal fatigue" that tells you it's okay to go out for a nice restaurant dinner or whatever. Three months is a very long time! I check your updates regularly because they help me so much as I struggle with my budget goals. Thanks for all I've learned from you already! Most helpful to me lately has been the "auto-pilot" lesson. When I get tired of being "actively" frugal and tell myself it's just too hard and I deserve an expensive treat (ya da ya da ya da) I remind myself that it isn't actually hard at all, since most of what I do is on auto-pilot by now and I'm really only looking for an excuse to spend. Helps me a lot!

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