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A little bit of this, a little bit of that

June 10th, 2006 at 04:42 pm

Todayís Garage sale Haul:

Five smaller gifts $2.00

Manual chopper .10

Popsicle molds .10

Potholder (silicon) .25

Crazy light bulb .25

5 CDs 10.00

Colander .25

Tortilla shell molds 1.00

Raspberry Bar .50

Thatís $2 gifts, $11.95 household, and 50 cents entertainment.

The CDs were the big expense; otherwise it would have come under $5. However, I feel like a good used CD, in a case with inserts, is not a bad deal at $2 each (they were 2.50 each, 5 for $10). I got The Best of Eric Clapton, Tori Amos- Little Earthquakes, Rolling Stones-Stripped, Neil Young-Harvest, and Patsy Clineís Greatest Hits.

I tried to find a picture of the light bulb online and was unsuccessful searching for novelty bulbs. Itís an incandescent, regular bulb shape. But it has silicone ďspikesĒ on it, in a pattern, in three different colors. A little odd, but it spoke to me. Itís not exactly my style, but we have a bare bulb fixture in the laundry room so I put it in there.

The five smaller gifts include a nice bunch of candles for one of the women who periodically brings me gorgeous cardigans. My gifts stash, or either person specific or good general gifts, is growing nicely.

For the household items, My Guy was really excited by the Tortilla mold set; I figured heíd be which was why I was willing to spend a dollar. It came with instructions, and we hope to bake some molds soon. I love the idea of the tortilla shell for a salad being low-fat baked instead of fried. The chopper also excited him, as he plans to use it for onions. The colander is a nice sleek metal thing which will replace the battered melted plastic one we had. Iíd kept my eye out for months for one at a low enough price.

If you ever hold a garage sale, consider hanging the clothes. Iíll bet you sell at least three times as much. At a few places, since I donít need any clothes except fancier work stuff, Iíd take one look at a piled high table and pass. It was even worse when the stuff was piled on sheets or tarps on the ground. Maybe there were excellent items in those piles, but I wasnít up to looking, whereas Iíll always flip through any hung clothing.

The popsicle molds excited me; not sure how soon Iíll play with it yet. I have lots of ideas re: gelatin, yogurt, jams, iced tea, juice, canned fruit, canned fruit juices, etc.

I had a bunch of clothes that I took in to be exchanged. These were bought pre-Challenge, so I wasnít sure how to handle the money aspect of it. I could have gotten cash back but I certainly wouldnít have counted it as income. I exchanged for 3 items, and spent less than I exchanged for. (I used the rest of the credit to pants for My Guy for which heíll reimburse me). I got two $10.99 dresses and a $12.99 skirt. I wasnít going to count these an expense on The Challenge because I didnít put any money out, and if I didnít have exchange credit thereís no way I would have ever bought them. If anyone has an issue with this, I can reconsider posting it as an expense. I have some work events coming up that are going to require that I bump it up a tad; I know that to some an $11.99 dress is cheap, but to me it seemed quite high end.

I forgot to conclude the Clear Lake story (driving down to help my dadís wife with a piece of property a couple weeks ago). As far as gas (3 hour drive), D paid to fill up my tank, and I almost worried about it, except for two reasons. First, My Guy and I went down there to perform manual labor to help her. Second, sometimes when I feel generous and give someone something or treat them, it can be a small frustration when they say ďoh no, you shouldnít,Ē or act embarrassed, when I truly want to be generous. So I figured that itís good to learn to graciously receive if you want to give a lot. On that note I also accepted when she took us out to eat, at a nice little Mexican restaurant with very reasonable prices. As an extra bonus, I got a little travel kit that she wasnít using-a facial scrub, cleanser, lotions, etc. It was awfully nice seeing D, and I was a little jealous of My Guy who went later in the week to get some more done.

1 Responses to “A little bit of this, a little bit of that”

  1. Thrifty Ray Says:

    It has been so long since Ive been to a garage sale...but you have inspired me. I have some free time in the morning...I think I will se if one of my female family would like to partake!

    Great post!! and great finds!

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