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And I wasn't Even Tempted.

June 9th, 2006 at 07:52 pm

I traveled for work again. For this trip I had 2 co-workers with me, and I went to a Department Store for the first time in quite a while. Idly browsing, as the others were the ones who had chosen this activity, I was just flabbergasted at the prices. I know we all gasp at $1,200 blouses and $3,000 dresses and the like. I can now be shocked at much less. I was looking at 50% off racks, and being just shocked that a skirt could be $120 reduced to $60. Some of the clothes were quite lovely, but I just can’t see shopping like that. I suppose that I could conceivably want a high end work outfit at some point and buy a nice skirt and blouse, but it would be such a rare, thought out occasion. As in once every five years, perhaps.

The funny thing for me is that I could have bought clothes if I had wanted to. I have money. I thought to myself, “Maybe if there is a deep clearance $10 skirt I’ll try it on.” I further thought, “Do I actually want any of these? Am I not buying (or even seriously shopping) because of The Challenge?” I was very pleased to be able to answer that no, I wasn’t interested. The Challenge is something I take quite seriously-I’m on Month Four and I’ve really worked very hard at not bending any rules at all-I mean I sweated whether recycling income was acceptable on The Challenge. (I decided it was.) But no, I wasn’t longing, craving, desiring, or even kinda wanting. Challenge or No, I am not depriving myself when I choose not to buy clothes at this price level. I felt very free, actually. Light and unencumbered.

And the end of the story is, my workmate bought a purse and wallet, and she was going to toss her old wallet. Now I have a beautiful wallet in excellent shape to replace my current one that has had a broken clasp for months. Of course I will look for a way to repay her; she didn’t want money, and even if I did have homemade jam in stock her family wouldn’t eat it. However I firmly believe that to continue to be gifted with hand-me-downs, it’s important to offer a tangible “thank you” periodically to those who hand down. Perhaps the next time I make a batch of bath salts she’ll get a jar.

Amongst those on the forums I get so used to the frugality that I am surprised at the spending and consumerism “out there.” It’s very heartening to come back and be re-grounded with the benefits of simplicity, frugality, and gratitude.

1 Responses to “And I wasn't Even Tempted.”

  1. Carolina Bound Says:

    And wasn't it just incredibly boring to be shopping in a department store when you have no desire to buy? I hate getting drafted into recreational shopping -- but you got to go along to get along, or something like that.

    Kudos to you for paying back. I believe in returning favors, also, even when it hard to figure out what to do.

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