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A Good Monday is Definitely a Win

June 12th, 2006 at 08:05 pm

I知 re-reading Tightwad Gazette, for the zillionth time. Every time I知 energized, and every time I take away a new idea. This time, I知 planning on making more gift items, food and craft, for birthdays and Christmas. If I get really together, I could do a weekend a month on craft things. Shhhhh...don稚 ell the people I知 trying to convince I知 lazy. I am lazy, but I find making bath salts and other gifts fun. Some people might not believe me.)

Making food items would be practice for Christmas and used for birthdays. Also, for those who have been generous with hand me down items. (Can the term hand me downs be used for non-clothes items?!?) Two ideas to start-the homemade toffee, four ingredients, and candied orange and grapefruit peels: uses 努aste and syrup can be used for waffles and pancakes. I know that when I have a large stash of jam, I like bringing jars to people for various reasons: they quit smoking, a birthday; they致e had a rotten week, they helped me out at work. It壇 be nice to vary the little treats.

I walked to work today, and walked back, with a stop at the post office and a thrift store. I rode my free recumbent bike, and ate well. I have avoided 澱ad TV. So much clean living. I love reading the forms and blogs; I really feel like I have found a frugal home. I am surprised at how fond of or connected to people I can be, when I致e never met them.

Spending: The thrift store had a whole lotta nothing going on, but I did give my P.O. $1.21-three regular stamps and a couple two centers to use with old 37 cent stamps.

Upcoming spending: the Oyster Festival is next Saturday, and I love oysters, cooked and raw. I also want to go camping in the next few weekends; we have the gear and would use regular groceries, but extra gas and site fees would be expenses. Otherwise, I see no expenses in my near future that aren稚 them same old utility bills, groceries, etc.

2 Responses to “A Good Monday is Definitely a Win”

  1. scottish girl Says:

    That's a good idea to make your own gifts.

  2. marjorie Says:

    You might wish to check out the website www.organizedchristmas.com for inpiration for Christmas prep. Every month one of the things they do is have a "Rudolph" day, where on the 25 of every month you do something crft related for Christmas. Others also post weekly lists- whatever works!

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