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No, Thank You.

June 13th, 2006 at 07:08 pm

I went to Costco today, and it was a little overwhelming. I was so very grateful for The Challenge. There was so much stuff, and so much unnecessary stuff, it kind of stunned me. Huge cans of nuts, and sweets, and tasty gooey fatty rich stuff. There was some granola at $8.69 for a bag the same size as my homemade batch. Even if I bought a handful of dried cranberries and pecans, mine would cost less than $2. Bread at a "deal" for $2.50 a loaf! A lot of items I wouldnít have bought regardless, but on other items, I was glad to be able to say, "No, not on The Challenge."

It reminded me of when Iím invited out, and I donít really want to go, and I say ďI canít stay up that lateĒ, which is true, but Iím glad I have the excuse, Iím not upset about it. Declining a purchase due to The Challenge isnít a burden, itís freeing.

I also saw a large number of...large people. Iím overweight, Iím not trying to ding anyone, it was just that the excess was a tonic for my system, and made me less interested in the foods.

I think I might actually do a price book. Iíve been a Huge Amy D fan, fanatic, for years, and I donít have one. (Usually just levels in my head: tuna never more then 50 cents a can, pasta 50 cents a pound, canned veggies 3/$1). But there were some items, a very few, that were better prices, and Iíd like to be able to track that. I was able to get good cheddar for $1.85, where Iíve been fighting to get $2.25 cheese elsewhere, and in fact I got grated real cheddar for $1.78 a pound.

So in this place of mighty mounds of massive muchness, I bought: cheese, tortillas, spinach, carrots, and eggs.

My Guy used the new tortilla molds, and I ate a very pretty, very tasty tortilla shell bowl filled with beans and spinach, with some cheese and non-fat sour cream and salsa. The shell was great, and itís baked so itís low fat. And it really was pretty; not something I usually notice about my food, but pleasant.

4 Responses to “No, Thank You.”

  1. simplygina Says:

    I started a price book for exactly the same reason, to track Costco vs. our regular grocery store. It is definitely cheaper for cheese, bananas, eggs, organic milk, and several other things. I hate having to go to 2 stores, but when I look at paying over $2 for cheese, it is worth the extra trip. And if you decide to splurge on a hot cafe mocha, they are only $1 at the food court (not on the menu). With 2 growing boys I save my membership fee each year on that item alone.
    I too am always amazed at the crap people have in their carts! I have several cashiers mention that my cart is so much healthier than most others. One time I went in just for milk and came out just with milk. Not only did the cashier call it out to the other cashiers, but the reciept checker was in shock. I think it takes a lot of discipline to not impulse buy there. But having a price book really helps you know whether it is worth buying or not.

  2. baselle Says:

    I like my price book too for a similar reason, but also because my memory is faulty. Also, remember that you can scan the grocery flyers on the Internet for your budding price book from the convenience (and less temptation) of your own home.

  3. contrary1 Says:

    I haven't been in a Costco for years (over a decade). I decided it was too far to go when I moved further out of town about 18 years ago. Now, of course, there are Costcos everywhere & we aren't as far away.

    But...........as soon as I stopped going to Costco, my grocery bills went WAY down. No comparison charts of how much everything cost, but the budgeted amount for food for the month was hundreds of dollars less, right away. Was enough of a lesson for me to never go back.

    The housemate person here, does shop at Costco now.........gets her prescriptions there, as well as gas, so it is easy to pick up a couple cheaper items I guess. I think I'll stick to my No Shopping Rule & leave all of that to her!

  4. annab Says:

    I want to go to your house for dinner. Frown

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