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Happy Bins

June 19th, 2006 at 06:05 pm

I love my peanut butter tubs; I use them for bulk foods. I use Red Vines Licorice tubs, which are behind the PB tubs, for items I use more of, like milk and flour.

At my work, it seems like all sorts of people bring in licorice tubs. I love them, and also use them for my ďon its way to compostĒ bin.

I didnít label all my tubs at once. I know some of these were labeled years ago, some in the last month. I think overall I have made labels - used a Sharpie on Post Its and taped to tubs - three times. (Yes, I know the beans arenít black. Iím now on the pintos, but I kept the old label.)

I travel for work this week. Yes, again. I have a regular two day, one night trip a month, but it seems like there has been an extra trip or two every month lately. I leave tomorrow quite early and fly back Friday night. I may get in a trip to the fancy thrift store.

I spent money today: $10 at the cobbler shop, to get some shoes repaired. I needed my mary jane Danskoís fixed, because Iím wearing dresses (!) in Sacramento. The cobbler was adorable; three kids, all MDs, one just got her PhD, and he had the commencement announcement right on the counter. I am not usually into the proud papa deal-goes along with not being interested in kids, therefore not interested in parenting-but I loved this guy. He had no doubt I'd be into hearing about his kids. Two of his children came out of med school with no debt. This man just glowed. I think he might be a first generation American, and he was so very proud of his children. I could tell he worked very hard for them.

2 Responses to “Happy Bins”

  1. zakity Says:

    Way cool!! Someone else uses peanut butter containers for their bulk stuff. I love using them. I live sort of rural and I buy alot of bulk things at one time. I put them in my buckets with the Gamma seal lids out in the garage (so the mice and other creatures stay out of it) and I put the small amounts in my peanut butter containers in the house.

  2. baselle Says:

    Love the peanut butter tubs - DH loves the fruit jelly candies that you get in asian markets, and we use those containers. Clear plastic, screw on lids and a built in handle!

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