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I Do Not Like to Shop

June 24th, 2006 at 04:48 pm

I donít understand why people love shopping. I really donít. I was in Sacramento for three meetings in four days, and I was really surprised at how many people mentioned the shopping opportunities (Downtown mall with a Ėgasp-Macys, Arden fair Mall, etc.). I had time between my last meeting and my flight, and people were actually incredulous that I wasnít going to shop.

I mentioned to a couple that there wasnít anything I needed right now, and they suggested I window shop and try things on for fun. To me, thatís actually a very unpleasant way to spend time. I just canít see doing it voluntarily.

Iím glad Iím like this, I guess. My mother was a shopper but it never caught on. Iím kind of tomboy frugal hippie non-conformist nerd. Iím okay with that. It saves me money.

Now, if there was a series of great garage sales or thrift sores, maybe I could have gotten into that. Still need to do Christmas and other gift shopping. I really enjoy gift-giving. Since I had to fly, I decided not to try thrift store shopping since my bag was full. Perhaps next time, I can bring only carry on to Sacramento and check a bag on the way bag if I hit the thrift store.

Iím so very glad to be home. Usually travel is okay, but these meetings stressed me out a little-I had to be on my best behavior. Also, it seemed longer than usual.

The house is tidy and Iím having a low key day puttering, hanging laundry, tidying, and relaxing.

I did spend $3.49 on decaffeinated black tea, 60 bags, at Trader Joeís. At less than 6 cents a bag it was a great deal for decaf black. I was able to update my new price book. Other than that, no spending.

1 Responses to “I Do Not Like to Shop”

  1. cashqueen Says:

    I hate shopping too! Though I have started yard saling and that can be fun.

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