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Thrift Good for Waistline

May 6th, 2006 at 04:17 pm

This isn稚 news, because a lot of people have figured out that being frugal can be a good for the body. Despite my history of thrift, I myself had never embraced the natural fusion of smart spending and healthy living.

I致e hit eight pounds on my Credible Threat Challenge. I知 eating almost all meals at home (and packing lunches). I知 eating wholesome lower fat, higher nutrition meals. Lots of beans, whole grains, vegetables in all forms, small portions of lean meat and fish. I知 eating less, and certainly not eating the rich, oversized helpings from restaurants. I知 walking more (giving my car a break, and my gas bill).

Start at 196, goal to get to 176 or I face a bikini and a camera. I知 forty percent of the way towards my goal, and it has not been too much effort. I知 just focusing on always eating breakfast, never missing my morning and afternoon snack, eating more of the healthy stuff before I treat myself to rich or gooey or sweet stuff, and making sure I savor any treats instead of scarfing them. I知 working to have my eating habits become just that: habits.

It's an extra incentive that garage sales and thrift stores have a lot of excellent clothing in the smaller sizes.

1 Responses to “Thrift Good for Waistline”

  1. jodi_m Says:

    Good for you! My biggest incentive to lose was when I could buy smaller clothes - and when people started to comment on the loss. I still get comments too from people who haven't seen me in a while. Keep at it - you're doing great and it will only get better Smile

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