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To Sleep I Go

October 14th, 2006 at 11:33 pm

Today I went to a couple of garage sales. A couple meaning two. Ended up spending $1.25; a quarter on a nice Rubbermaid pitcher, for chilled water or iced tea or whatnot; a gift for fifty cents; and, a tortilla press for My Guy to try tortillas again (hopefully successfully this time).

What I was really looking for was furniture; we have a couple needs in the house. They are actual needs instead of wants, but nothing critical that has to be bought right away. Iíd like a chest/shelves/armoire type thing to hold our gifts for others - right now they are in two boxes behind the couch; disorganized, overflowing, hard to get into. I have one bookcase about to die (it was a cheap pine thing when I bought it 20 years ago and itís listing to the side) as well as other bookcases that are overflowing. In our computer room, some shelving/coffee table/sideboard type thing might help with the piles of crud on the floor.

Iíve been postponing some of this, thinking that instead of getting stuff to put things on and in, I should just get rid of the stuff. Iím at the point that even with all the clutter control I do I have to admit I canít toss everything. Having the box of gifts is such a tension tamer; I have a lot of gifts bought for people specifically, as well as nice general gifts, and this prevents last minute worry and shopping and spending. No need to ruin a good thing by using an unworkable system for it, right?

Itíll take a while to get the right thing. With things like this I can be pretty patient.

I feel the need to re-energize myself and get cracking on being better with my body and taking on tasks, and also have more fun. Iíve been inspired by another blogger who did away with his computer games; I have one I play pretty often, and Iím making it a earned treat-doing the exercise bike earns me a game. Only for that day, though; I canít bank the games I earn. Iíll likely modify the rules, to make it work for me. Tomorrow Iím going to spell out for myself some specifics on how Iíd like to re-focus.

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