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The People Laugh

March 16th, 2006 at 07:08 pm

I gotta say, work people find it so hilarious that I'm even trying this; it's comical how comical they find it. The thing is, not so long ago I lived on a lot less than now, and paid of debt doing it. $6.25 an hour at 30 hours a week, while paying off debt. So this isn't a huge leap for me; I donít have to cut out any lattes, manicures, brand name convenience foods, steak, days at the mall.

Someone asked how much I'd be saving by doing this, and when I told them how much additional savings they were surprised at how low it was to them. They are thinking I'm cutting spending at least in half. My expenses last year averaged $1591 a month. That included a trip to Mexico and a trip to Belgium/Poland, and lots of dining out, basically spending on whatever I wanted. I stuck the rest in savings. Frankly I thought I was living pretty pretty high on the hog. This minimum wage challenge means I reduce my spending by 32%, which is not so bad, really.

One co-worker, an Amy D. fan, thinks the challenge will be a piece of cake! Iím pondering going for the Federal Poverty Level rate of $798, which will go up in April. Donít think I can, but still pondering it.

Today I took a couple books to the bookstore for trade, and they accepted some; I got $8.50 in store credit. Iíll use it for gifts later. Delaying taking recycling in, that will happen this weekend.

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