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I like this frugal stuff

March 21st, 2006 at 08:23 pm

Only a bit more spending to report. Since Iíve gotten both of my paychecks with health insurance deductions, I can count $43.70. And, I spent a lot on entertainment on Sunday: $12.50. We went to a friendís house, and they made corned beef from scratch: I mean, they corned the beef. So they put in the labor, and it was frugal for them, but our role was to bring Guinness and bread. I also bought a small block of Irish cheese, and a little tart as a dessert. I donít necessarily regret it, but I think next time weíll plan more in advance-I canít make Guinness from scratch, but maybe I could have found it cheaper, and I could have made a dessert from scratch.

Overall, I've been liking thinking in a Frugal Mode. This month is a 3-paycheck month for me. Others are catching up with bills, or blowing it. I'm doing my Minimum Wage Challenge, and sweating $12.50 in the entertainment category. Which I LIKE. It doesn't make me feel like I'm missing out, or cheap-it makes me think about getting value from what I spend.

I am torn on whether bringing food to a friend's house is in the grocery category or the entertainment category. I started thinking entertainment, then realized it was food items. I am going with entertainment, because it was "party" food. It may be that I reduce my grocery budget and increase my entertainment budget.

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