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Sit down meal for $6

June 28th, 2006 at 09:21 pm

My Guy was in the mood to go out tonight. We decided on a little local Mexican place; weíve been going to it since it opened, and we quite like the owner. Since Iím trying to eat lighter, I ordered two incredible tacos instead of a meal. One adobada, one carne asada, both on tasty corn tortillas with cilantro and chopped onion. Wonderful. A glass of water, and chips and salsa. $4 plus tax and tip totaled $6. Itís great how my Credible Threat Challenge and Minimum Wage Challenge can come together like that. We had a great time, great service, great food, Iím not over stuffed, and Iím not out big bucks.

2 Responses to “Sit down meal for $6”

  1. jodi_m Says:

    I have found that I am just as satisfied (maybe more, because I am not overfull) when I order smaller meals out. Isn't it great??

  2. zakity Says:

    I have started ordering an appetizer instead of a meal most of the time. It is cheaper!! And, I don't overstuff myself.

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