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Fogged In

July 17th, 2006 at 07:25 pm

My flight was cancelled due to fog; be jealous, all my roasting friends. Though I am wiped out-got up at 4:15, left the house at 5, just now sat down at 7-I’m glad I had a productive day.

I belatedly put together a gift for a work friend.

Thirteen homemade magnets with dolphins and kayaks-her interests. Three used books of “good” fiction-another interest. The flower "bow" is a little tin of seeds from a garage sale. It’s a gift from many co-workers. It’s a nice thing that this is the third present for our “unit” in two weeks and everyone has been willing to have the gifts be used or homemade. It seems like the sentiment is shared that it really is the thought that counts.

I have not been biking the last few days and that’s thrown me on my Credible Threat Challenge. Not moving backward, but not moving forward. At first it was legit, not biking: bad headache. But it reinforces for me, yet again, how crucial habits are: since I wasn’t yet truly in the habit of biking it was easy to drop off. The same with good eating; the quality of food has been fine, but when I am grumpy I use food sometimes, so the quantity has been inappropriate. So today is a day to gain resolve, forgive the wobble, and move on.

$1 spent out on lunch. I had packed nothing due to flying (it used to be easier when driving) so I did not have my snacks and lunch ready. I used an old gift certificate (from Sept. 2005!) for most of the soup, but I used a regular dollar. That puts me pretty close to my entertainment budget for the month, dag nabbit.

3 Responses to “Fogged In”

  1. Thrifty Ray Says:

    You know, I much prefer a gift I can use (no matter where its origin) anyday to a gift that was "purchased new because someone felt they needed to get me somthing' that I have no use for.

    The basket was lovely and I would have greatly enjoyed such a thoughtful gift.

  2. Casper Says:

    I could not agree with Thrifty Ray more. I appreciate it when someone spends a great deal on a gift because they cared but I LOVE IT when I get something I can use. And if they saved money in the process, it makes me appreciate it even more.

    We have a tradition in our family and it is growing. Every year at Christmas we have to make, buy ( on clearance, yard sale, Flea market etc) or get as a freebie one gift for each other. All other gifts can be purchased.

    It all started when my mom and sister found an exact duplicate of the ugly casserole dish on a commercial. ( you know the one. " I always get mine back." it was for Gladware I think)
    They found it at a yardsale. They thought it would be funny to give it to me at Christmas in a bag they bought that said, " I hope you like your present" in small writing it said " they don't give receipts at yardsales. It was supposed to be a surprise gag gift- ha- surprise was on them. I thought it was cool.

    They thought it was hilarious- I loved it. I still use that ugly thing. And a tradition was born.

    Quite often we like the yardsale item better than any of our store bought gifts because we all put a lot of thought into picking just the right one.

    We also fight to win the coveted, " I paid the least" for our item. My sister swears every year she spent a quarter.

  3. flash Says:

    It's beautiful! Think about it...if you bought something hand made at an exclusive boutique, you would have paid a fortune...would you have felt better about the gift? I LOVE thoughtful gifts, and I hate just "having stuff" because people wanted to put a bow on something Smile

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