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Put a Cherry on Your Day

July 17th, 2006 at 07:59 pm

Robex’s blog hit the right spot for me tonight. She’s saving money and treating herself – undeprived and more financially secure. “Tonight [my husband] wanted to go to Dairy Queen and get banana splits…that would cost about $24.00…. I suggested we go to the grocery store…and make them at home…We spent 1/2 the amount and will have ice cream, whipped cream, and chocolate sauce left over!” She’s not giving something up!

Yeah, sometimes there are things it may make sense to give up. I've said myself that less frequent treats make treats...treatier. But sometimes, it’s nice to realize that we can have our treats at a lower cost. Food is an easy place to do this: some cold cuts for nice “deli” sandwiches, a couple of classy ingredients to make a plain meal sparkle (chives and sour cream on the spud?), smoked oysters for 99 cents of pampering.

I’m hoping that those of us working at building security, working at paying debt, aiming to avoid unconscious spending, take the time to make some sundaes now and then. It’s so not about doing without.

1 Responses to “Put a Cherry on Your Day”

  1. contrary1 Says:

    We had an ice cream tradition at our house, when it was FULL of teens. They would see ads for Baskin & Robbins type places & beg (on their knees sometimes) to go. That would have made 8 people to pay for! Yikes. So, what we would do is all pile in the van & head to the grocery store. Each kid would get to pick out their own half gallon of ice cream & then we'd head home. They all got to do whatever they wanted with their treat.......even if that meant downing the whole thing right then. Way cheaper than a trip to the ice cream restaurants!
    Really fun was watching the more frugal kids get a dish of ice cream out of their containers a couple weeks later & flaunt it in front of the eat it all in one sitting kids! Smile You're right.........being frugal doesn't mean doing without, it sometimes requires being a little more creative; which is really more fun in the long run anyway.

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