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Month Five Minimum Wage Challenge Totals

August 1st, 2006 at 07:51 pm

July was an easy month, which I am very grateful for considering I had car insurance due. Budgeting for it each month paid off in the end. Iíve really gotten used to spending so little on a consistent basis.

*ďBankedĒ Total only includes positive numbers: unspent money in each category in prior months.

** Budget includes $1073 income less $89.36 ďoverspentĒ in categories in June

*** August's budget is $1073 income less the $38 overspent (auto insurance) in July

I had no extra income this month: Iím overdue on a recycling trip. My only Challenge income was $1073 (CA Minimum Wage less FICA and SDI). If youíre a new visitor looking for further details on how I arrived at the $1073, and what budgeting methods I use, see prior month summaries.

Eagle eyes will notice Iíve boosted savings to $40 from $39, and also added significantly to my big purchase/emergency fund. Iím expecting a freezer to eat a lot of this money in August or September; it will be nice to make a needed big purchase on The Challenge but I will need to really ramp up my savings to compensate.

My spent of $1073 is $519 less than my average per month last year. (I know have some banked, but it will be spent on non-monthly budgeted purchases.) Adding back in the $40 I put into "savings" under the challenge, I saved an additional $559 for the $20 challenge. This makes for $2791 in savings in five months for my $20 Challenge.

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