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Restful is Delightful

August 6th, 2006 at 07:32 pm

Today was a curl up in bed with a book day. I think I was more worn out than I realized (I’d gotten over being sick and having migraines and worked a tough week). I am grateful that the simplicity of my needs and wants gives me the gift of time.

I’ve posted about being lazy. Some people claim I’m more efficient than lazy. But either way, having a low maintenance life style and a clutter free house lets me take a full weekend day to myself. I ate a lot of plums, and some “slugs” from the bagel shop. (Long bagelish sticks covered in seeds and garlic and other lovely stuff). I had some “new” garage sale books. And I made medicinal type tea: two bags strong, with lots of lemon and a lot of sweetener (some Splenda, some sugar).

I thank all of you who have posted words of encouragement. I am not unhappy with my Challenge; I had just been in a bad mood-perhaps due to being worn out? –and took it out on the Challenge. I am proud of being able to choose not to spend half of my net income. When I deny myself something, it could really be looked at as denial, because I would have the money to spend on it. But the real thrill is that I am meeting not just needs on the Challenge, but wants, too. My soul is as fed as my belly. And it will be very hard for me to take material goods for granted again. Quitting drinking has already given me the gift of never taking sanity and peace for granted. A day without drama and a day with plums and “slugs” and a book is a very, very fine day.

2 Responses to “Restful is Delightful”

  1. contrary1 Says:

    I love days with nothing on the calendar. I remember being 'run' by my Daytimer........ Although I enjoyed that lifestyle at the time, I do think I prefer this.

    Give me a stack of books from the library, a pot of tea or coffee and I'm pretty much a happy camper. Doesn't take much to make me content these days!

    Don't think of it as being lazy, but being efficient enough to have time to feed your soul. Not many people can say they even know what it takes to feed their soul, let alone take the time to do whatever that would be.

  2. baselle Says:

    These days, a person who knows their soul is a wealthy person indeed.

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