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Darn Busy Day Off

October 27th, 2006 at 08:27 pm

I did get all my errands done. I spent a lot of money and am a little exhausted, so it could have been better.

On recycling, I got $4.74 cash. I took some books in for trade; only two of many were accepted, so I added $4 to my “credit” at the bookstore. (I have over $39 in credit; I can get folks books as presents!) On the flip side, I spent over $87.18 in Grocery money at two grocery stores and the bread outlet doing a huge restock, after we emptied out cupboards and fridge. I spent $28.69 in Household Money (tp, detergents, etc.) at those stores, an office supply store, and the thrift store. (I was able to get gift jewelry boxes for the jewelry I bought in Europe for some folks for a dime a box…some nice velvet ones!)

At the bank I deposited some checks I’d been holding onto too long (September internet survey and a couple work reimbursements) as well as a bunch of rolled coins. I also went out to lunch and spent $6.25 on lunch with My Guy…I suppose part of me wanted errand day to be pleasant, at the expense of my Entertainment budget.

That’s over $122 spent in one day; over 10% of my monthly budget. Nine places. Four hours. I don’t regret my purchases-all items were on the list or within the budget. I just am not built for errands and shopping. (Hence the undeposited checks I had stockpiled.) I am glad I still have two weekend days.

I was also able to make a batch of crockpot beans and chicken for future meals (two thighs and a breast made tortilla filling for nine meal servings, so I figure that's a pretty good use of meat). I prepped a bunch of plums to make jam. I did a lot of laundry and dishes.

My true treat? I did buy a bunch of club soda with my grocery money...I haven’t been drinking enough water lately, and even though I’ve been making a lot of iced tea for home, I have admitted to myself that I love having cans of club soda in my car and at work and in my purse. I’ll be taking a hot bath and drinking my bubblies!

1 Responses to “Darn Busy Day Off”

  1. baselle Says:

    Please say that you'll put the bubblies in a champagne glass. Smile

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