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Errand Day

March 18th, 2006 at 03:57 pm

Stared the day earlier, itís been a while on a weekend. Up and moving by 9. We did three loads of laundry; I put some clothes in the dryer, like work clothes and woven shirts, and everything else hung outside. Itís been a while, the weather has been forbidding. Even when the weather was okay, we were hanging doing mostly jeans and towels, the big dryer hogs, to be lazy but still get some savings. It was also mild exercise, not an inconsiderable aspect.

I did the recycling, tons and tons of it. I only got $6.73, but thatís fine, I knew most was not money recycling. I recycle almost everything. Plastic, tin cans, yogurt tubs, paper, cardboard, glass. I exchanged an item at Walgreenís that I got in January for a new item, which Iím keeping outside the challenge. I sat in front of the jumbo pack of earplugs forever considering whether I should commit to the $9.99 for the yearís worth of them. I decided I was over thinking and I should just be able to exchange as no money in and no money out.

I spent .86 cents at the Postal Service, and will get half back from my boyfriend. I got 4 2 cent stamps to add to my old first class, and then two new ones. We rarely send regular mail; almost all bills are paid online.

I cleaned out the bread thrift store for $9.55, split between us. Around 8 loaves of regular bread plus 2 packs of bagels plus 2 packs of 3-in-a-pack brown and serve roll loaves, and donuts for my guy. The bread used to be 2 for a dollar for the old stuff, now the cheapest is 79 cents, which bummed me out, but, at least a $3.59 loaf costs 79 cents and not $3.59. I was glad I made room in the freezer. The brown and serve loaves was a fun deal; each loaf has 8 attached rolls, and there are three loaves, for 79 cents. So for 3.3 cents each I have these amazing, hot, tasty, French bread-like rolls. Yum. It has been a fine lunch with some cheese.

I then deposited some checks at an ATM (including $15 from Nielsen for reporting on my TV habits, but I earned and received it pre-challenge), and browsed the Co-op where the ATM is at. I almost got a treat, but I kept looking at items, and thinking, that plum nectar is nice, but, not 15 times nicer than orange juice, so why pay fifteen times more?

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