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Spree of Sorts

March 26th, 2006 at 02:33 am

Today I went on a spending spree, and spent $22.94. Last night I was reminded that two big birthdays are coming up. I decided when Iím out and about I should be scoping for birthday and holiday presents for everyone I know, all the time, to be alert and ready for a great deal on the perfect present, even if it is a couple months early. This time Iím cut a little short on time.

I did order a book online for one of them. My friends are going to London in a week, and made reservations at St. Johnís, and Matt wants the book by the chef, Fergus Henderson: The Whole Beast: Nose to tail Eating. I called the bookstore I have some credit at, and another local used place, and no go, so we ordered from Thatís $7.10 for my share.

I had an idea for Kimís present: she has magnets, photos, and postcards all over her fridge. We have some of those larger thin magnets, like the promotional calendars, that Iíve been saving for a while. I was just going to glue regular photos (Iíve been traveling with Kim and Matt and have some pictures) to the magnets, but My Guy had a better idea: heís doing some Photoshop work on some pictures, so we will also have Kim inserted into a picture of her favorite band U2.

I had wanted to go to garage sales this morning. Due to rain I went to more thrift stores than garages sales. At one thrift store, I got 10 nice plastic hangers, a pair of kitchen tongs, and a nice basket for 84 cents. I felt good about that purchase. At a garage sale, as a fluke I found what my guy has been coveting: a stove top waffle maker. I had priced them and they are at least $38 new plus shipping, or a lot more at local stores. The garage sale was crazy overpriced, but I offered $10 instead of $15. Too much for an idle purchase, but not bad for something heís been really wanting. Then I picked up a $5 prescription.

So that was my wild spree. Nothing came up for future presents, unfortunately. But it was a good reminder, to always be on the lookout. For example, my friend Linda loves lighthouses; I can look all Yard Sale season long.

A great thing about thrift store shopping, even if I donít buy, is to be reminded of how cheap items can be. When I shop our locally owned neighborhood stores at Christmas, I always stop at St. Vincent de Paulís first, to get grounded.

Weíll be taking Kim out to dinner, but we have already purchased gift certificates. (One of those deals where I paid $15 for $30 worth of certificates; itís a great local restaurant.)

Friday night, I did spend more on groceries and toiletries, so thatís another $29.53.

Iíve spent $1000.98. I will make the Challenge for this month; however I did overspend in some categories, leaving me less to carry over for bigger, later expenditures, such as Insurance in July.

I am working on modifying my budget, so I will post new numbers for April at the end of March. I am working towards no more spending for this month, except perhaps for Matt and Kim.

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