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March 28th, 2006 at 04:35 am

I hadn’t really realized that blogging would mean people reading my writing. Yup, a bit dim over here in Northern California. Then, I got the Savings’ Advice newsletter that mentioned, among many other blogs, “LRJohnson reports that….” And I received a personal e-mail mentioning my blog. And I looked at the Stats on the page. I realize that 20 visitors today is probably statistically the same as zero visitors in blog land, but it is mildly unnerving to think that 20 people stopped by. Were you amused? Bored? Intrigued? Did you click away lickety split? How compelling can it be to read about a woman challenging herself to live on minimum wage when she earns a fair amount more? There are folks out the doing it because they have to, not because “it’d be fun to save more money.” Am I just thumb twiddling? Or is putting goals down in concrete a more valuable way to spend time than bad Monday night primetime TV?

That’s enough for questions I mostly can’t answer.

On the personal part: how tricky to be completely honest while realizing that people who know me are reading. Certainly it was my choice to send them a link, but aware I must be. I’ve seen on other blogs that people are totally anonymous. Is the fantasy that I’m open and unembarrassed and kind going to be put to the test? Will I slip and say the wrong thing? If a friend sees I’m trying to be frugal with a gift, is that in poor taste? What if the gift is cheap but thoughtful? What if it’s more money and un-freaking-thoughtful? Is that worse? Huh? Huh?

Okay, those were more questions I can not answer.

I spent not a dime today. I thought the challenge would be easier, however I am enjoying being challenged, and frugal. Big props to me today.

3 Responses to “Intimidated”

  1. kristina moffitt Says:

    Where about in Northern CA? I live there too.

  2. Kelly Says:

    I have just spent some of this afternoon reading your blogg.
    Well done! I love your syle of writing.
    Cheers Kelly in New Zealand Embarrassment)

  3. kelly Says:

    lol..have no idea what is up with the smiley face I left,it was meant to be a happy one rather than a sullen

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