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Shaping Up to be a Good day

April 28th, 2006 at 01:00 pm

My Guy got into the purge mood, which usually hits me much more often. So our pile for donations is nice and big, and I like being leaner. Weve got a bunch of books were going to try to get some trade from-most mine. Were gonna walk to the bookstore, which will be .7 miles there and back. I know that with my Challenge, I have to think gifts early, and getting trade will help with that. Most folks Id get a gift for has at least one type of book theyd like.

This last week Ive not missed water aerobics once, I walked to work once, and Ive been very conscious of eating well, eating right. No migraine, and good energy; a nice rare not too lazy day!

So, after hanging laundry and walking to the bookstore, Ill feel proud, and maybe even purge some more. The less crud I have, the less I have to clean and dust. I want to only have things I use and love.

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