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July 24th, 2006 at 04:40 pm

Saturday I passed up garage saling; I wasnít in the mood and didnít want to force myself. The bad part of this is I realize I need to pay attention to my gift buying. I have a bridal shower and wedding gift to give, and today is my friendís sisterís birthday. I need more ďanybodyĒ gifts, like picture frames, and also specific gifts for friends. I did make a large batch of bath salts; Epsom salts, milk, and oatmeal. I colored with a dash food coloring, added a dash of almond oil for silkiness, and cardamom and grapefruit essential oils for a wonderful scent. So with nine bags packaged up I added to the gift stash in a different way.

I have the materials to make labels, and I have a lot of ribbon to make the packages look pretty. For a while at least renewing this hobby will be no cost, because I have an inventory of essential oils, almond and grapeseed oil, glycerin, Epsom salts and miscellaneous other bath craft ingredients. Even if I have to renew my stash some items are very low cost; my bath salts are quite cheap-essential oils are the costliest component. Ground oatmeal and dry milk are pennies.

1 Responses to “Back to Making Gifts”

  1. Homebody Says:

    I found Epsom Salts at the Dollar Store by Longs, not sure how much they cost normally, but thought I would let you know. Could you post an actual recipe for your bath salts?

    I bought the Epsom Salts to keep my hydrangea pink and then found out I needed lime, not Epsom salts!

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