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I Was Down, and Now I'm Up

July 24th, 2006 at 04:38 pm

I donít realize how much I use the internet until itís down. This rarely happens and when it does, itís usually for a couple hours. This time itís been almost 24 hours; shocking and frustrating.

No internet means no regular blog posts and no reading the forums and blogs. No getting quotes from Car Insurance Places. No balancing checkbook online. No seeing if I could open a Roth IRA with Vanguard online. No Posting Items on Freecycle. No re-ordering Netflix queue. Grrr.

It is a beautiful day out. Yesterday I line dried a lot of clothes and will do the same today. We are going to a friendís barbecue; we'll bring some potato salad and some marinated chicken breast; all food from home so there will be no extra expense.

Last few days had some expenses. I spent about $30 for a grocery run at the Canned Foods Outlet, with a couple dollars in toiletries. Our DVD player (the replacement one!) died, so we bought a cheap one at $29.99. Thatís divided by two; and with some rechargeable batteries I have $21.71 in household expenses. My Guy tried to fix the DVD player but he kept taking off layer after layer and screw after screw and getting nowhere. I didnít realize that they could be so cheap. The $30 one may not be fast or great, but it works, and a bonus is that it is so small and simple it can easily be attached to our little TV. The Little TV has no cable, and is sometimes in bedroom, sometimes in kitchen. This way we can watch DVDs in bed when we want; especially good for when we are sick.

A co-worker gave me a bag of clothes she had outgrown. Sheís doing really well on Weight Watchers. I knew that most of the 2X clothes wouldnít fit, because Iím a Misses 14-16 or a Womenís World 1X, but as I suspected quite a few of the tops will work for me. Iím going to list the remainder of the bag on Freecycle.

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