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Pleasant Surprise

July 30th, 2006 at 09:24 pm

Inspired by someoneís post, I organized all my Survey Point information. Looked at all the sites where Iíd have a point balance, or even a dollar balance, and saw what I could redeem now or what I was saving for. Keeping in mind that larger point cash outs are somewhat better value, balanced with the desire to spend the points before anything happened to the sites, I wrote out a spreadsheet. I donít think itís comprehensive yet (I know Iím a member of a lot of survey sites) but itís a good start.

On the way: two $5 target gift cards.
Very close to: $10 into PayPal
Also very close to: a $10 check
Considering: getting $25 GAP or K-Mart certificate. (The GAP GC costs fewer points but has higher priced items in a more limited range). Also maybe or Bath & Body)
Can cash out now but will wait for a $5 balance: $2

So that amounts to $37 as of now, with another $20 close by. Nice.

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