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Garage Sale Haul

August 5th, 2006 at 03:48 pm

Big bucks today, but some good stuff. $28.50, with $25 being for 2 items.

Two drawer metal filing cabinet in great shape, along with

A beautiful small oak table, both for $25.

A 25 cent pair of earrings for me

5 little gifts at an average of 20 cents each (including nice garnet earrings)

Wrapping paper, 8 unopened rolls

A basket

Glass Canister (that exactly matches another two I have, and was 15 cents)

Ziploc lunch box

Books, three

The small table is almost like a miniaturized version of our dining room table; same oak cooler, same design. I polished it with mayonnaise; crazy tip, but it works wonders on wood. No it doesn’t stink. Let soak, then wipe up all excess, and buff buff buff. I was skeptical, too. I certainly wouldn’t call either the cabinet or table a steal, but I feel like I got good value.

And I went with a friend, which makes the whole process more fun. I have another social activity tonight, which is good because I don’t get out enough. Our community has an Arts Alive event the first Saturday of every month; businesses and galleries in our “Old Town” district showcase local artists and crafts people, and sometimes have some food. It’s nice to wander our locally owned stores and businesses, enjoying the summer and the sense of community.

4 Responses to “Garage Sale Haul”

  1. Thrifty Ray Says:

    Nana and I went garage selling yesterday too. Because of one of YOUR posts, I made a .50 cent purchase...two brand new tortilla molds that i can make taco salads with!!! they came with the instructions!!!

    I also bought 3- .25 cent cassettes for my car!!

    Grand total spent $1.25.

    (my mom spent her entire $15...she usually spends what she brings...but goes home happy, so I guess its all good.)

  2. flash Says:

    Wow! I have never been to a yard sale, but I may have to start.

  3. Carolina Bound Says:

    Do you think the garnet earrings are real? If so, an incredible bargain!

  4. lrjohnson Says:

    Ray: I think you may just love the molds! Mine cost twice as much and I still feel they were a fine purchase. And besides tasting good, they just make a nice looking meal.
    Flash: A couple of threads talk about yard sale and garage sale finds....some relaly nice stuff out there. I think areas vary widely. Maybe similar to how some areas have more "coupon friendly" stores and circulars?!? I'd at least give it a try....I'm trying coupons! ;-)
    Carolina: The earrings were still attached to the maker's little board; I think they actually are, per the maker. Crazy, huh?

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