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Random This and That

August 12th, 2006 at 06:04 pm

I hadnít played poker in a long time and it was nice to play last night at my place. At the start of the year I had tracked my winnings and losings, so that I had a better idea of my overall play. Well I started the year with $40 in winnings in first game (buy in for $20, took home $60). Then I lost $14, leaving me with $26 winnings to play with. So when I started the challenge I had an extra challenge: I had only that $26 in winnings to play with, or else Iíd have to dip in to my entertainment money, which I wasnít sure about. Anyway, we missed a bunch of games, and then I missed some games that were played, so it had been awhile. And I won $47.25! So now I have a separate jar of money with $73.25 ($26 plus $47.25) to keep playing with. Even if Iím a total loser from now on thatís 3 games worth at least.

Miscellaneous note 1: People brought over left over pot luck stuff from work to the poker game, so now I not only have ground beef, salsa, chopped tomatoes, and shredded cheese in the fridge, I scored a nice Ziploc and some Gladware tubs!

Miscellaneous note 2: My recycling income is way down, because of my decreased club soda consumption. Last run was $2.72, versus the usual $ or so. But I have been really finding a lot of bottles and cans on my breaks at work. So Iím picking up the neighborhood and making money.

Miscellaneous note 3: I was a big freebie girl and stopped for a few years, now Iím back to getting the free samples. Just maybe one nice item in the mail each week, but itís great. I love the sample antiperspirants; Iíve gotten three lately.

2 Responses to “Random This and That”

  1. princessperky Says:

    I love getting some little freebe in the mail nowadays...and It was nice to see someone else responsible with money who plays poker!

  2. zakity Says:

    I love getting freebies in the mail!! It also saves me a bunch of money. I figure that I get to try new stuff (which I love doing) and I get to do it for free. I don't have to buy toothpaste or deo as often.

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