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I'm not the only one doing this, right?

August 18th, 2006 at 04:57 am

This morning at work I was putting a roll of toilet paper in my Kleenex box, and didnít realize it would cause people to stare. They were kind; they found it mildly ingenious, I think, and seemed to think I was coming at it from an environmental angle. I admitted that it was thriftiness too. Iíll see if I see a bunch of tissue boxes with the flaps taped shut and TP poking out. (Tip: take out the cardboard roll in the middle.) At the least Iíll score some of these folksí empty boxes.

Not exactly sure why so slow and low on posting lately. My spending is fine; nothing exciting and I'm well within My Challenge and all that. Don't think the lack of posts means going off the wagon or guilt about purchases. Itís habit, it really is. I did a very small favor for a friend and picked her up paper plates for a work event; boy, the price of this normal item, generic store brand at the cheap store, just shocked me. I can see how if I spent the $2 here and $10 bucks there on ďnormalĒ items it could make a big dent in my budget. As it is I donít miss paper plates, so thatís fine.

Iím doing a weekend trip with some work friends. Itís my old unit, but as an alumnus I attend every year and have a great time. Itís at a friendís parentís cabin a couple hours drive away. Most of us camp in tents outside, and hang out and swim and play games and eat all day. I did buy a bunch of fresh veggies to make a veggie tray, and non-fat sour cream to make a dip, and stuff for potato salad, so Iíll spend a little more on groceries and gas than usual, but I can take the hit. I went camping last month and that cost me $12 (entertainment budget); Iím not going to avoid fun things to save money.

3 Responses to “I'm not the only one doing this, right?”

  1. homebody Says:

    Check the Dollar Store next time for paper plates they usually have some.

  2. annab Says:

    You're better than me: I don't put the tp in the kleenex box, I just use it straight from the roll to my nose! Big Grin

  3. baselle Says:

    LJohnson and annab, you are sooo classy. I don't disguise the TP with a box, and unless I'm sick in bed, I don't even bother with the separate roll. I just have to remember -- nose first. Big Grin

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