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107 Books and 1 Freezer

August 26th, 2006 at 07:19 am

My freezer is plugged in and humming. I bought a lot of bread that is ready to go in it. It is ďThe time of Many PlumsĒ so those will be going in there. Itís filling up, and it makes me happy. I went to the Buck a Bag book sale after picking up my freezer and got 107 books for 3 dollars, so thatís less then three cents apiece. Ninety-three cents for buddies, and $2.07 for me.

All my categories that are discretional are up this month. No one single thing I did was bad, but gasoline, household, clothing, and gifts are larger than they could be, and itís only the 24th. Iím still well within The Challenge, but itís a reminder than when you are doing well overall, a little extra here and there can sneak up on you. A mango and other large quantities of fresh fruit, in the same month as a Deseret Industries run, in the same month I drive an extra four hours, in the month I do a Clinique bonus, in the month I go to lunch twice? Well it adds up.

Maybe itís comical that I am spending so much less than I could, but am still so very aware of every dollar. I was glad I had extra recycling money, to add to my gasoline budget! This, in the same month I found out that in ďreal lifeĒ I am getting a raise. However, itís only awareness of spending, not discomfort. Not regret. Just an increased mindfulness.

2 Responses to “107 Books and 1 Freezer”

  1. LuxLiving Says:

    LR, you are so smart with your awareness!!! oooohhh and you share books with buddies! -Wanna be my buddy????????????? I love books!

    Yes, those little extras can really topple the plum cart can't they??

  2. homebody Says:

    Picture on the front page of the paper today at the book sale... was that you?? All the good ones are probably gone, plus I bought a bunch at our church "presale". I think I have enough to last until next year's sale!

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