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Frugal Allies: Keeping and Developing

August 29th, 2006 at 02:30 am

I plan to do some jam making this weekend; we went on another blackberry run, and the plums keep on coming. Jam is always nice to have; its a very nice little gift for so many occasions. Im very apt to spread treats as I am definitely treated in my life. For example, 97 cents from the three dollars at the buck-a-bag book sale was for buddies; some were for capital G Gifts to be Wrapped, but some were just things I know people might be looking for. People have been kind in passing on hand-me-down items, and it makes sense to me to have it be an exchange, not a one way flow.

One woman at work has hooked me up with some beautiful sweaters from garage sales and thrift stores. When I cleaned my closet, and decided to get rid of some nice blazers (too long in the sleeves), including one gorgeous lined very high quality one, she was the first person I asked. She didnt give me sweaters so that shed get the blazer (she gave them to her daughter); obviously not. But weve demonstrated to each other that we can see a lot of value in quality used items, and are frugal allies. She will get at least a couple jars of jam.

Sometimes a side benefit of leaving something from a garage sale on someones desk is that they see that some items can be cheap. Ive had people say, Id really like to repay you, and I say, It was 2 for a quarter, so thats twelve and a half cents. At that point I can usually get them to not give me the thirteen cents. My payment is their excitement that something that good was so low-priced. I do not proselytize my frugality, but Im completely unembarrassed by it, and I like to think it rubs off a little.

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  1. yummy64 Says:


    And thank you for the reminder. I could stand to up my 'giving'. its not about the cost, its about the thought. Oops no. not quite, its about the thought and then the doing.

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