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I Have a Case of Zombie Debt.

September 12th, 2006 at 03:55 am

I have a really old debt from the early nineties that I paid off in 1997. I just got a bill from a collection agency for the same bill. I can see from my incomplete notes that in 1999 a new company tried to collect that debt and I had to get proof of wire transfers to get them to stop. This is a new company.

Fellow blogger Princess Perky pointed me to an article by Jeffrey,, and Iíll take the correct next steps, which may be no action. Itís not very much, but it is already paid.

What gets me is how absolutely deflated I felt when I got that bill. Here I am, Month 7 of My Challenge, and getting ready to go to Croatia and Bosnia. Bopping around, feeling good. I even decided to finally use a spa gift certificate I got as a gift last October to get a manicure and pedicure, and I scheduled my appointment for Wednesday, the day I depart for vacation. (It will be my first time for both!) Work is in order, the house is in order, Iím feeling pretty good overall. A little worried about too many migraines and headaches, but overall enjoying my life and being productive and all that.

And the ooooomphÖ.like a punch in the stomach, I opened the letter. ďWe are your new creditor.Ē I had worked so hard to clean up all the messes I made whenh I was not frugal and not responsible with bills. I already had another old debt glitch that I havenít tackled yetÖI had paid off $4000 in fines, and my credit report says I still owe $4. (Why would I pay almost $4000, and not the $4? Long story...the County admits they picked a new collection agency because the old one had really screwed up records, but canít fix the $4. Iíd even pay the $4; I just donít want it on my blankety-blank credit record. )

So after diligently paying everyone I ever owed, years and years and years later debts and fines shadow me. My reaction for now is that being good didnít pay off, which bums me out because in general I believe that what comes around goes around. Maybe itís because I was bad and then good, if I had been good all along I wouldnít be in this situation. I thought that realizing I had made a mess then cleaning up my mess would count for something.

I donít plan on continuing to pout, but I am a little tonight. And I admit Iím gorging on junk food (donít drink or smoke). Iím drunk on cookies. Tomorrow Iíll realize that my life is good and that I just have these tasks (battles) to face, and that since Iím a grown up thatís part of what I have to do. Tonight I get sugar in my tea instead of Splenda.

4 Responses to “I Have a Case of Zombie Debt.”

  1. boomeyers Says:

    Oooooh! Are you gonna have a sugar hangover tomorrow!!
    We all have our past regrets. Embrace them, bemoan them and then leave them behind!

  2. Bookie Says:

    Funny how little it takes to throw me for a loop. I spent years "cleaning up the wreckage of the past," so I know how arduous and frustrating that can be. I also know how easily I can lose perspective and overreact to the smallest bump in my road to recovery.

    Part of that comes from a perfectionistic mindset with lots of all-or-nothing thinking. I'm also big on entitlement. I've done all this work, and I expect it to be acknowledged and appreciated. After all, it's me we are talking about. I forget that there's no special dispensation for doing the right thing. I face the same errors and annoyances that bedevil everyone else.

    Enjoy your cookies. One letter doesn't change where you are in your life, and it certaiinly doesn't negate all you've accomplished. When I remember not to take the world personally, I find it easier to keep my emotional balance, and it sounds like you're getting there.


  3. LuxLiving Says:

    Yes, LRjohnson those kind of letters can understandably throw you for a little loop. Just remember to keep it a little loop - I'm like Bookie and tend to take it personally. It is frustrating when you think you've got your ducks lined up and then kerblam kabloowy...something else to clean up after!! Poopy lil' duck - how dare they get out of alignment! Big Grin
    Bookie said: "I forget that there's no special dispensation for doing the right thing." This reminded me of a gripe I have at The Hubster's (or anyones for that matter) place of employment where they give out bonuses for perfect attendance. Well of course he gets it and I'm glad that he is a standup guy with good health and we enjoy the money...but it irks me that they pay a bonus for people doing what they agreed to do when hiring on - showing up for work! Silly beef I know! If I twere anyone's employer I wouldn't be paying a bonus for the crew showing up to do the job! ha!

    Anyway, you are proud of your accomplishment and decision to clean up the past and of course it feels bad to have a reminder show up unannounced. Rightfully so! Just understand it's a remnant and consider it a good reminder to stay on the sunny side of the street nowdays & futurewise!

    I hope you enjoyed your cookies and sugar high and have a good time on your trip. We'll miss you.

  4. Ima saver Says:

    Just enjoy your tip and your life!!

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