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How Much for Two Weeks in Europe?

October 6th, 2006 at 03:14 pm

My vacation cost me $1,809.64. That was for 17 days in Europe; 2 days in London, 4 in Bosnia, and 11 in Croatia, more or less. If I were to save $150 a month, I could have saved enough in a year for his trip. I am not trying to say that this is a super cheap amount; besides not being able to find much to compare it to, Iím aware that I was living pretty luxuriously on some days.

I could not find a good site that actually gives hard figures on how much a European vacation should, or does, cost. In my brief search, I couldnít find guidelines on what percentage of income could or should be budgeted, or how much any vacation should cost. I did find references to not charging vacations; that makes sense. I do suppose vacations are highly variable; one person may find a week at home perfect, and think air tickets are a waste of money, while another person wants to see every continent.

My total includes all airfare, all travel books, all lodging and food, incidentals. I started counting every expense the day I drove down to San Francisco to catch my flight, and stopped counting when I walked in the front door.

That cost does not include $108.56 in gifts, which will come out of my regular gift budget. (Yes, I spent a lot more on gifts than I anticipated. Yes, I am counting these gifts in my regular Minimum Wage Challenge, and yes, that will hit the budget hard.)

Also not included as vacation costs: I spent $3.43 in grocery money, for some divine smelling olive oil. I spent $33.26 in Household money (pepper grinder, hand hammered copper bowl, lavender oil, clothes pins, a music CD, and a small dish). I spent 98 cents on underwear; I bought underwear my first Europe trip and now itís just a habit.

The big cost that I didnít include as a vacation cost, and am not including in my Challenge: $274.26 for jewelry. I donít really consider it a necessary part of vacation expenses, obviously. On the other hand, it is my favorite form of souvenir. I got fifteen pieces total that I love and will wear often. When I said travel was the one thing I would not give up, in my mind I meant the accompanying parts of travel. As far as breaking rules go, the truth is that Iím the one writing the rules, so I only need to report to my own conscience.

I did absolutely splurge a couple of times on food, once in Hvar Town in Croatia, $50, and once in London, $160 for myself and a friend. I donít usually try to justify such a transient expense, but I will remember the St. Johnís dinner forever. The apple sorbet itself comes to mind a couple times a day. Letís just say that while Iím not advocating that sort of expenditure for others, I do not regret it for a second.

Travel: $855.75. $450 round trip tickets to London from San Francisco, gas to SF, flight from London to Croatia, flight from Croatia to London, all busses, ferries, trains, taxis. We rented a car one day, a huge luxury, to see the Plitvice Lakes.

Food: $510.47. I used $45 of my September grocery money, so additional costs were really only $465.47. We ate out around once a day, though we did go out to coffee more often. This includes groceries (I had a lot of yogurt for breakfast, and we ate a lot of bread and cheese) as well as dining out. As I said earlier, $200 of this was for two meals (one I treated a friend to). I wasnít trying to restrain my spending, but I wasnít trying to splurge either. (I do find it interesting that tap water isnít really available; you have to pay for still water or ďwater with gas.Ē)

Lodging: $285.04 total. I spent an average of $16.76 a day on lodging. Often we found places for 10 Euro, $12.86, a night; it helped that as four women we could get an apartment together. A couple nights we were en route, so the cost of sleep was absorbed by the cost of travel. The night ferry to Hvar was a lot of fun; the Night Bus to Zagreb not so much. (Sounds like a bad seventies movie, huh?) The most expensive lodging was the overnight stays we had in South San Francisco by the airport, due to leaving very early in the morning, and arriving late at night. However $35 a night, including being able to leave the car for 16 days, isnít such a bad deal. Itís due to my friend's amazing skills that we stayed in London cheaper; a very respectable Travelodge at Marylebone for $25 each!

Miscellaneous: $203.39. This includes entry fees, internet costs, postcards and stamps, toilet, tips, left luggage fees, and the like. It also includes the $43.78 that I either ďlostĒ when exchanging due to fees, couldnít exchange (coins), or did not write down. Thatís not too bad for over two weeks in five currencies.

I could have cut corners, and had a lower number; right off the bat I know I could shave $300 off the total. But my goal was not to have the cheapest vacation, my goal was to take a ďnormalĒ vacation, spending as I wished, and show that it doesnít need to be a huge cost. I myself think that $1,800 for over two weeks in Europe is pretty decent, and I hope others thinking of the trip decide to go for it, knowing that without staying in dorm room hostels and eating bread and cheese for every meal, one can have an excellent vacation that is worth the price paid.

5 Responses to “How Much for Two Weeks in Europe?”

  1. scottish girl Says:

    Sounds like you did good. You're making we want to travel even more again. I didn't keep a spending log when I was on holiday, I really should have... It's nice to have your blog to read again Smile And can I just say, I haven't even been to London (and I live in the UK). I should hang my head in shame.

  2. Carolina Bound Says:

    I think coming in under $2000 for a two-week plus overseas trip is excellent!

  3. sarah Says:

    AIf you are looking for comparison I budgeted 70$ in July of 2005 for a trip to Turkey. This 70$ inlcuded every from food, lodging Jewelry, sightseeing and travel within Turkey. It was certainly doable. Some days I spent a little more some days a little less. THe biggest mistake I made on the trip was using a prepaid ATM card. The fees were huge and I won't do that again.

    Also the 70$ did not include round trip airfares. Since I was traveling in the summer the cost was significantly more than 450. I think I paid around 800 for round trip from Chicago to Istanbul.

    Also since I usually travel alone I got hit with a lot of single supplements in hotels.

    Very good Job at coming in under $2000

  4. LdyFaile Says:

    That's awesome! Because of when our trip was, our flight to Croatia from Seattle by itself was $1800 each. *sigh* Darn World Cup and all.

  5. T_I_N_A20 Says:

    That's pretty amazing! =D

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