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Bosnian Clothes Pins: Frugal Souvenir Extraordinaire

October 8th, 2006 at 04:13 pm

I got home on Sunday, felt great Sunday and Monday, and then woke up Tuesday with a bad cold. It makes me mad. I had that good coming back from vacation feelingÖfeeling like my life was good, feeling encouraged to do fun things at home, feeling wanted at work. I went to the doctor ThursdayÖI donít have strep, which is why I went, just the usual cold.

Today Iím feeling a bit better, so Iím actually hanging laundry and trying to get through all the dishes in the house. I used the dryer more than I should, so I tried to get excited about my new Bosnian clothes pins. Well, I was already excited about the clothes pins, I just wasnít excited about the cloudy weather, but itís bright (and cold) today.

I guess I am just blue that I was so ďgo get íemĒ when I came back and now feel so blech, plus I missed four days at work after being gone 2-1/2 weeks, so of course I feel very guilty, almost shameful, about that. I get every cold there is, itís pretty ridiculous. I donít drink or smoke, I eat pretty nutritious food, and Iím overweight but not that overweight, and I get every sneeze, sniffle, and cough. Yes, I take multi vitamins. No., I donít exercise enough. Grrrr.

Itís a nice switch not spending; on vacation I handled so much cash, which is unusual for me, and spent so often, also unusual. Itís nice to be back in the land of perhaps one or two online transactions a week, for bills, and one or two in person, shopping. I havenít shopped for groceries yet, but we are due for a big re-stock.

Financially I still need to close the September books, but I know I dodged a bullet. I spent over a hundred dollars on gifts while travelling, and I am very lucky that my expenses in outer categories were low so I could ďstealĒ from my virtual envelopes to cover the gifts. I plan to really tighten the belt this and next month in most categories; after vacation, with all the included eating out, I feel like a little Spartan living will do my head and waist some good. Most of my Christmas shopping is done, actually, and thatís pretty cool.

2 Responses to “Bosnian Clothes Pins: Frugal Souvenir Extraordinaire”

  1. homebody Says:

    How awful to feel sick on such a beautiful day. Maybe wash your hands more??

  2. princessperky Says:

    I hope you feel better soon..

    Is there a chance you have allergies? I just found out I do, and sinc eI have been taking nasal steroids when I get all snotty, I don't seem to descend into a cold, yet, knowck on wood....it worked for spring, Ill let you know at the end of fall if it works now too. I certainly hope so, since I get sick more than anyone I know! I think there is something about being snoty, making it easier to get sick..not sure the science of it though.

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