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October 29th, 2006 at 12:29 am

Small changes I make sometimes make my life so much simpler. I used to put all sorts of frozen food in plastic tubs in the freezer. My Guy couldnít effectively decipher which tubs held concoctions, which tubs were leftover meals, and which tubs were prepared, seasoned meat/chicken for tortillas, etc. Frankly, I couldnít tell sometimes either. Well, I bought a bunch of small freezer bags; Iím putting my cooked meats in these bags, frozen and laid flat. (I got the idea from how I pack my cooked down plums for jam.) Now itís simple; if itís in a flat bag, itís an ingredient, if itís in a tub itís a meal for one. An added benefit is the bags take up much less space.

I notice that changes can be so little but so helpful. My tea stash was overwhelming and unattractive. Now I have three canisters: herb, black, and caffeine-free black. Iím not saying this would work for everyone, but it has really pleased me. Another: having a shelf in the fridge that holds lunch or snack items, like hard boiled eggs or slices of cheese wrapped in plastic wrap or pickles or fruit or sandwiches or whatever. Now I can grab 3 or 4 items and Iím good to go.

There are areas in my life where I still need to find a system that worksÖpaperwork flow isnít streamlined. Magazines in/magazines out system is in progress. How/where to store stuff for Goodwill where itís accessible but not obviously ugly is a tough one so far (we donít have much in the way of closets).

I organized our Presents Stash; I had two overflowing unorganized boxes-now I have three boxes, for co-worker gifts, friends and family gifts, and unspecified gifts, plus a list of all these items. This way I know which people I need to keep looking out for, and which folks I have great presents for. Shopping ahead has really been effective; not only have I gotten some very nice items at very low prices, I donít have the pressure of last minute shopping to dread.

I spent some survey points at a couple different sites; My Points for a larger gift certificate for a present, and another target $5 certificate with my Harris Poll Online points; that will give me $20 total for either presents or personal needs. I have only recently started to track these; a few minutes of organizing a few weeks ago have paid off.

I completed an online survey for five bucks; when I get the check Iíll count it as income, which will probably be December.

1 Responses to “Random This and That”

  1. yummy64 Says:

    I have a great storage solution for goodwill stuff. It gets stashed in the car - usally the trunk. Whereupon I chauffeur it everywhere without getting it to its destination! LOL.. Okay so maybe this isn't a great suggestion.

    But I love your one about the freezer bags vs containers for ingredients vs meals and the fridge one. I hope these ideas aren't patented cause I'd hate to be in trouble for stealing them.

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