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Water with Gas, as Europeans Say

October 31st, 2006 at 04:57 am

I was going to try and reduce my club soda/seltzer consumption. When I quit boozing a while back I gave myself permission to drink anything I wanted. Iím not interested in drinking calories-I get plenty in my food-but I loves my bubbles. Then I decided during this Challenge that I should make bubbly water a treat. Well, flexibility is a good thing. The bubbles are back, Iím much more hydrated, and I am fine with cutting down on other treats in order to keep my seltzer. I get the cheap store brand cans for travel and two liter bottles for home. I just really love the stuff. It makes for a $10 to $15 a month hit on my Grocery budget, but I am at peace with that.

Two wrenches in my books this month:

One: a friend of mine picked me up some stuff at Trader Joeís in Oregon (grapefruit soda, Pirate Booty, something for my dad, shhhhh!) and I donít know how much it was. I had limited time with them and had to run to work and gave them a blank check. (Yeah, I know, blank check, Iím naÔve. Iíd really rather be naÔve and believe in people, though. I would be beyond shocked if anything went wrong.) Anyway, itís been a week or so and hasnít cleared, so I need to wait or consider it a November expense. Waiting is better but I am sometimes not patient.

Two: The $2.25 I spent on coffee was covered by a friend. I really donít carry cash. So I went to pay her back, and she wouldnít take it, really wouldnít. I tried to intimidate her: ďitís already been put in my challenge budget!Ē She was unmoved-said I needed to buy another one. Well, Iím stuck. I donít want to get another coffee! So that $2.25 will be spent on this friendÖ.just need to work out on what.

3 Responses to “Water with Gas, as Europeans Say”

  1. Money Honey Says:

    I know what you mean about the soda water. Gotta have those bubbles!

  2. kashi Says:

    My SO is obsessed with carbonation as well. I heard once that too much of it leaches calcium from your bones...not sure if that is true or not, but something to keep in mind! Seltzer water is infinitely better than diet soda, anyway.

  3. lrjohnson Says:

    Googled on calcium carbonation:

    "Dear Fizzy Water Drinker,

    You may have gotten word from some "old wives" that phosphorus (the substance that fizzes in sodas) stops calcium from absorbing into the blood and/or leaches calcium from bones. Experts now say that the phosphorus found in carbonated water has miniscule effects, if any. Researchers blame other culprits, namely caffeine and sugar, which are found in many carbonated cola beverages (a.k.a., "pop," "soft drink," and "soda"). In other words, although carbonated water and cola often both contain phosphorus (fizz), it seems the fizz, itself, doesn't pose a significant threat to calcium absorption and bone density."

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