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November 12th, 2006 at 07:19 pm

I canít blame bad spending on my lack of posts. However, I did spend $2.13 twice out of my Entertainment budget. Doesnít sound bad, except it was fast food both times. In some ways I suppose getting two items off the value or dollar or whatnot menu is a good thing, but I really donít want to eat any fast food ever. There are a slew of socio-economic-political reasons I could cite, but Iím not going to, because 1) no one is interested and 2) the fact that Iím chubby and get migraines is reason enough to stop eating fast food right there. Fast food places donít specialize in whole food, no nitrate, no MSG, low bad-fat, high fiber, lower calorie foods.

(Yes I know MSG and nitrates donít trigger all folks to get migraines, and that only 40% or so of folks are food sensitive. Well, my little calendar Iím keeping of food/sleep/headaches/exercise/etc. seems to show that there is something in fast food that doesnít agree with me.)

Iíd just rather spend that $4.26 on something better, thatís what it comes down to.

In other news: small changes, small things can be so great. I sometimes buy the little yogurts, non-fat and low sugar, at the Canned Foods outlet when they are three for a dollar. (I also get large tubs of non-fat plain.) I like them for lunch, or as a snack or dessert. Well, I splurged and spend an extra nickel, 38 cents each, for a brand that has lids instead of just the peel off metal lid. I did this to have baby storage containers that Iím now using for sugar free gelatin. Good for lunches, and cheaper too because the 33 cent gelatin packs make it 17 cents a cup. And I can put my plain large tub yogurt in there, with fruit and home-made granola. Actually, I was surprised to realize that the gelatin wasnít that cheap; I plan to use some Knox gelatin I have to play with homemade gelatin soon.

In further news, this weekís goal is going to be to post every day. Itís not lack of material; every day I think of something related to my habits or the Challenge or frugality or building skills, I just get sloppy and donít sit down and write it. Eat breakfast daily, bike/walk to work 5 times from Monday through Sunday, keep up Calendar, develop a strategy for having more fun outside the house, and post daily. Thatís five goals, but two of them Iím doing pretty good at making habits, and a third is on its way towards being a habit, so I donít think thatís too much.

4 Responses to “Title-less”

  1. princessperky Says:

    Silly thingfake sugar triggers my migranes....though MSG doesn't..funny how different it can be Smile

  2. boomeyers Says:

    I invested in some of the Ziploc "disposable" type mini containers. I use them for pudding and jello for the kids lunches. They are very durable and have lasted for over a year. So handy!

  3. threebeansalad Says:

    I'm happy that you'll be writing everyday next week! I've really enjoyed reading yoru blog!

  4. Sunshine Suz Says:

    An Inspiration from you!!!!

    Refrigerator Surprize Soup AKA Purple Haze Soup!!!

    1 head of Purple Cabbage - cut in wedges
    1 yellow onion - cut
    1 yellow squash - sliced
    3 cloves garlic
    2 pieces cooked bacon - cut in tiny pieces
    Chicken broth that had had sweet potatoes cooked in it
    little water
    Brought all to boil and then threw maybe 2/3 cup barley into mixture


    I love reading your blogs. I enjoy your ideas. Glad you are going to post everyday. : )

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