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Rain On Me

November 16th, 2006 at 01:46 am

I love the sound of rain, and how it gets dark and clouds look almost purple, and how it rushes in the streets and makes puddles. I enjoy it when itís crazy raining, at least when Iím not driving; when the rain just falls in sheets and windows have a constant solid stream on them instead of drops. Mostly, I love the rain because it reminds me to be grateful.

I have a house to come home to, where I can have a hot shower or bath, or get into flannel jammies. The house may be chilly-those 12 foot ceilings-but I have lots of warm blankets and sweaters. I have tea and cocoa and popcorn and soup and grilled cheese makings. I have lots of books and I have a television and DVDs. I can come to home my refuge, and I can be reminded how those very small things can be so big Ė for someone homeless, my cocoa and comforter may seem very, very far away.

If I think about these things Iím grateful for, I realize that during not one second of My Challenge have I had to forego the things I love most. Most of my flannel jammies have been a buck or two at thrift stores. (The best were $1.25, thick dark blue, on me right now.) I got a bunch of tea in a free box at a garage sale, but even my purchased teas are pretty cheap-the fancy stuff I spring for is nine cents a bag. My comforters and blankets are years old, my cocoa is homemade from powdered milk, sugar, and baking chocolate, my popcorn is microwaved in a brown paper bag. My hot showers and baths do take some gas, but my utility bill has been reasonable because I scrimp elsewhere. The DVDs are a luxury, but $9.65 for my half of the monthly bill is an acceptable entertainment expense to me-again, I scrimp in other areas. Books? Buck-a-bag book sales! Or the library, or garage sales or thrift stores or hand-me downs. Television? Non-cable channels 2-13 only, and a VCR to tape good stuff for when the networks have a bad night.

I really do think about gratitude in November, because I actually hold Thanksgiving dear; not for the turkeys and pilgrims, but for the reminder that I have much to be grateful for. One thing Iím grateful for this year is My Challenge, which has had, as a happy byproduct, the effect of making me more grateful. So, Iím grateful for increased gratitude. Man, thatís a little mushy touchy-feely silly, but when Iím grateful I am also looking to be a better person. The more grateful I am the more kind I am, and as the years have gone by I am less and less inclined to revere intelligence and more and more inclined to hold kindness in high regard.

IĎm a fan of the 1950 movie Harvey, with Jimmy Stewart. At one point the main character Elwood, says, "Years ago my mother used to say to meÖ'In this world, Elwood, you must be oh so smart or oh so pleasant.' Well, for years I was smart. I recommend pleasant. You may quote me." I know a fair number of very smart unhappy people; I canít think of any really kind person I know who is unhappy. They may have sad events in their lives or challenges to face, but at heart, they are certainly not unhappy.

So ends my rainy Day Fourteen of Month Nine.

3 Responses to “Rain On Me”

  1. Broken Arrow Says:

    I just want to say that I absolutely LOVE the sound of rain! Very soothing indeed!

    Too bad I can't seem to find any artificial way to re-create that sound... electronically or with real water....

    Anybody out there have any ideas? That's not messy? Big Grin
    In the meantime, I guess I'll just enjoy
    Text is this little clip and Link is
    this little clip.

  2. Grateful Says:

    Thank you so much LR for your wonderful posts. My sign-in name is "Grateful" because it will help to remind me on a daily basis to be grateful that I woke up this morning and go from there. Your writing and your lifestyle are inspirational to say the least. Thanks for sharing.

  3. mairgrif Says:

    Isn't there a song about rainy nights? "Oh I love the rainy night, I love the rainy night and the shadow as it lights up the sky..." I'll have to look it up.

    You are so right about being grateful, and how nice people are happier. There's a clothing line that has a tag that says 'Life is Good'. Aside from being cute shirts, I love them for that line. Your Minimun Wage Challenge has been such an inspiration. It has really made me reexamine my spending and look for ways I can decrease it even when it seems I cannot. I for one am grateful for finding this site and your blog.


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